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car insurance claim -non fault/at wits end


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I really hope that someone is able to help.


I was involved in an accident, someone drove in to the back of me whilst I was waiting at traffic lights.


The lady came to my car door, and asked if I was okay etc, she said sorry and said she'd pay for any damage to my car. I got out of the car and we both looked at our vehicles, and there appeared to be no damage to either.


Anyway, I arrived home later and went in to the boot of my car and noticed that there was some damage inside the boot, also I couldn't then close the boot. I told her this, (she lives nearby), and she said to get an estimate and that she would pay etc etc...anyway things moved pretty quickly, I informed my insurer of the accident, and explained that I couldn't close the boot and thus couldn't lock my car- I took it to the dealership where I bought it from for them to secure in their premises as I only have on street partking at home. Long story short but, there was a lot of damage to my car, the cost is well into four figures so I took the advice of my insurer and had them sort out the repairs so my car and organise a hire car. I didn't pay the excess, because they said it was non fault. They said that they would contact her insurer and that they would send her a letter informing her of the claim.


They repaired and returned my car within a couple of weeks, and wrote to me to say that they were contacting the other driver's insurance co regarding liability and that they'd passed the claim to their debt recovery dept. in order to recover their outlay. The report they completed and gave me a copy of states clearly that the damage to my car is consistent with a shunt to the rear.


btw, the other driver's insurer approved the hire car the day after the accident - and at this point the other driver hadn't reported it to them...???. They told my insurer that they would write to herto ask for information about the accident.


I have called my insurance company a couple of times to ask where the claim's up to but they say that they haven't had a reply from her insurance company.


Thing is, i've heard nothing with regard to liability, absolutely nothing, the only comfort my insurer gave me was that saying that her insurance company had picked up the bill for the hire car. and that if there was a problem regarding liability then we would know by now - he said that that would have been raised at the beginning of the claim.


Problem is the other driver is known to me, I don't know her well, we're not friends just acquaintances, and I'm tired of the foul looks she's giving me each time our paths cross. I've said nothing to her since the day of the accident, and wouldn't.


I'm so worried, I have no idea what's happening with the claim really. I spoke to someone in the claims team a few days ago, and he said that they were going to send another letter to her insurer, which would be followed with another and another, and then finally they would take them/her to court.


It might sound daft to some, but all this is really worrying me - i'm not sleeping at all well and it's affecting my work and home life too.


Hope someone's able to help.


Many thank you's.

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The claims process sounds standard. This lady obviously did not want to go through her Insurers, as she was concerned about the increase in premium. She probably wrongly thinks that you are making a dodgy personal injury claim, as all she can remember is not seeing any damage to your car at the time. This is why she is giving you the looks.


Anyway my advice is to let the Insurers deal with it. There should be no problem for you, as it is an obvious non fault claim and this ladys Insurers will repay your Insurers the amount of the claim. Perhaps if you see her in passing, mention to her that when you opened the boot of the car, there was damage inside and the boot would not close properly after it was opened. When the garage looked at it, there was more damage than you previously thought. If there is no injury claim involved, then tell her this, just in case she was wondering. You might then not get these looks from her. I doubt that she would have been willing to pay £1k or more to repair your car.

We could do with some help from you.



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thanks for your replies.


Just to clarify, my insurer informed me that the hire car had been paid, apparantly such bills are settled on a daily basis - the other party's insurer agreed the hire car the day after the accident, and at that point, she hadn't informed them yet - she also hadn't informed them by the following week -so they told my insurer that they would write to her. I have no idea if she's as much as reported it, nor do I know if she's responded to their letter. btw the accident happened in October, so I thought i'd have received some sort of notification regarding liability by now. But I don't know how long such matters take, it's been many years since I was involved in an accident.


I think that she's mad at me for making the claim - and yes I agree that she probably thinks i'm on the make trying to claim PI. I haven't and won't, I wasn't fantastic following the accident, a bit sore, but it passed. The worst for me was the emotional fallout; still am jittery when I have to wait at lights etc,and i keep looking over my shoulder when i'm driving. It doesn't help that I know her tbh, and see her regulary, she drives the same route as me almost every day. I've started to take another route some days, it's further and takes longer but that's okay.


It's a pity that I and others who make genuine claims for proven damages are suspected of being dishonest. There may be some who have tried to claim goodness knows how much for very minor or ficticious injuries, but that doesn't mean that I or other honest people do the same. I'm actually out of pocket, not by a lot, just travelling and a few hours off work, but I won't claim anything other than the repairs to my car and the hire car because of the fear of suspicion that i'm being dishonest.

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I didn't say, repairs bill came to just under £2000. As I said in my original post there appeared to be no damage to my car at the time. Turns out that the boot floor was buckled, thus I couldn't close the boot once i'd opened it -they fitted a new rear panel, repaired the tailgate, bumper damper (whatever that is)! & lots more which tbh I don't understand (I know very little about cars)!


It's ticking me off that this lady's behaving this way towards me, what did she expect me to do, pay for it out of my own purse. If it'd been the other way round, that i'd driven in to her then i'd be horrified and would've done everything I could to make the process as stress free for her as possible. In fact I did the same thing about 15 years ago, my fault - I was driving too close to the lady in front and hit the back of her car, my mistake, my doing, and a lesson well learned.

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