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Link financial assigned barclaycard debt

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Hi all,

Thanks feedback Dx,

i apologise for peppering you with questions but why do you think sold it on

,dont want to deal with it anymore

-they feel unlikely get money back


.Is this a good sign they are trying to offload it.


I thought they sold because dont want to deal with hassel and make some money selling it on.


is SAR-Subject access request- what info will that give me



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prob the reason why they sold it on


get the sar done.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Hi Solidarity,


I agree that you are perhaps jumping the gun here, trying to guess why BC sold this, along with your other questions.


My view is that, as soon as you stop being an easy cash-cow for BC who pays what is due every month, they sell the a/c on to lowlife DCA's who have the resources and determination to pursue debtors for payments regardless of their circumstances.


I think a CCA request may be useful to you, as a possible tool against Link. This costs only £1 and the template is in the library.


Do the SAR as well, just in case it uncovers anything interesting or useful.



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Thanks !:-)

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Hi all,

I completely agree with you Slick132,as soon as they realise they cant milk you dry they move on to other prey so to speak.


However, i have been considering the issue from another angle ,officially my initial relationship was with BC and my agreement is with them.


They have decided to sell the debt on,

but sureley they must be bound by certain regulation as to whom they sell it on to.


When they sent me a letter informing of the assignment of the debt ,it sounded very defensive,making it clear they had right to sell on.

I was looking through the Lending Code which reputable companies subscribe to and it clearly states in -


Debt collection agencies and debt Sales-


228 'Subscribers should follow a due diligence process when selecting 3rd parties for debt management,

which should include 3rd party compliance with data protection legislation,consumer credit legislation,office of Fair Trading guidance on debt collection

and debt management and the code of Credit Services Association'


In Dx's research he found an article,earlier in thread-homes and property article,

where Link had been clearly Censured by the office of Fair trading in relation to their aggressive debt collection.


Can i complain to Barclaycard, in response to their recent letter, giving me notice of assignment of debt,that i am unhappy/object with the assignment on the basis# that the office of fair trading has had to discipline them .


Since they are a subscriber to the the LENDING CODE do they have to review their decision in selling it to Link.


Do i have any rights here.


Barclaycard have tried to reassure me in their letter they are a reputable company but surely that has to be substantiated.

Help/feedback would be much appreciated

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i think it matter little who they sell debts on too.


link like all the other phishing list debt buyers have to be CCA registered etc etc anyway

and hold a consumer credit license, etc etc thats about all they have to do.


i think your 'golden nugget' here is to discover why they sold a £10k debt


there has to be a very valid reason

something smells


you need to CCA and SAR BC to discover it.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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