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RE New Mersey Retail Park

As at today's date the presumed Landlord / Lessee website states the following :-


PER newmerseyshoppingpark.com store _directory category SAT 15 DEC 2012


"Store Directory Category

New Mersey Shopping Park has nearly 2,000 parking spaces - all of which are absolutely FREE!"


The word ABSOLUTELY is of interest ! This surely negates all UKCPS "Parking Charge Notices". All such "charges" made for infractions must be Penalties.


I am assuming that "New Mersey Shopping Park" is the trading guise of The Hercules Unit Trust and/or British Land, the ultimate Land owners, Landlords.


I will be interested if anyone has an opinion on this.





Ownership per BRITISH LAND website

The Speke Unit Trust (The Hercules Unit Trust and Bank of Ireland)



Hercules Unit Trust sells 50% interest in Speke Unit Trust

June 2007

Jones Day advised Hercules Unit Trust in the £209 million ($412.5 million) sale of a 50% interest in Speke Unit Trust to Bank of Ireland Private Banking Limited. The Speke Unit Trust owns New Mersey Shopping Park, located in Speke, Liverpool, the seventh largest retail park in the U.K.

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Are UKCPS still there? They did have signs everywhere and you could see the employee walking around, now nearly all the signs have gone only the hard fixed ones are still there, and have not seen the goon for a while.


I will miss them as last time UKCPS tried it on with me they ended up paying me!

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Re New Mersey Retail Park (NMRP) Without Prejudice and EOE


Yes they are still there. The main CEO, who I have noticed, moves around the compound at high speed, going diagonally from one patch of disabled bays to another, preying on the vulnerable and absent-minded. He seems to ignore all general parking space infringements. He does not seem to be too concerned with taking on cars/ people parked or waiting on the roadways, if they are large ( the cars or their drivers !). ( Perhaps ones with blacked out windows and burly blokes are problem to be avoided, maybe they are friends of his !!! ... or it may be a case of 'Take me on if you think you are hard enough' !!! )


My comment re free parking is that on NMRP website Home page it states that they have "FREE PARKING ALL YEAR ROUND".


Under Park Information it says "How many car parking spaces do we have? We have nearly 1,850 FREE parking spaces".


"If you would like to contact the car parking operators please see details below. ... Website: www ukcps net


Address: UKCPS Limited, 1200 Century Way, Thorpe Park Business Park, Colton Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8ZA"


Under menu item "store directory" click on category 2, you get, "New Mersey Shopping Park has nearly 2,000 parking spaces - all of which are absolutely FREE!" The quoted figure of nearly 2000 being 150 in excess, all disabled bays must be included in the "Absolutely Free".


NOTE re preceeding, I don't feel that it is incumbent upon me to contact the parking operators for all the places I go to prior to going there, just in case there is additional info that I need to gather.


It seems to be remarkable that they don't know how many spaces they have; is it nearly 1850, 1850, or more than 1850. I think the generally accepted figure is about 1850. Is the "nearly 2000" figure an example of "bigging" themselves up ?


Nowhere on the NMRP business website does it say for example "Conditionally Fee" or "Free subject to conditions".


It is a website with several pages, and as such, adequate provision could be made for any "additional terrms and conditions".


A visitor who has been induced (gulled by "absolutely free" ) to visit NMRP by the website is, on arrival, then presented with the notices ( if they are noticed or read) to the effect that Parking is not free, it costs £100 and that visitor is deemed to have entered into a contract with UKCPS (not the Land owner / lessee etc, whether the visitor has read the notices or not. If the visitor infringes the displayed rules, then they will be charged for parking violations. As the Landlords / Owners / Lessees have stated that parking is "ABSOLUTELY Free" then any charge must be a Penalty, and as such is Null and Void, and may well be a criminal offence of Extortion; the Car park operators ( as agents ) surely must be bound by any instructions etc of the landlords.


Another thought that occurs to me is that the Precinct operator owners are not a charitable business. The cost of running and maintaining the carparking will fall onto the retailers and will form art of the cost of their leases or maintainance charges, ergo alll the parking is already paid for by the retailers. Is this an element of double charging ?. Do the retailers get rebates from the monies raised by parking charges ? Question. If all future parking was undertaken at normal commercial rates would the retailers then receive a reduction of their costs ?


Having browsed this subject a little, a further thought occurs re Disabled parking, In the event of no blue badge on the dashboard the Car park operators should be LEGALLY (they won't do it on a voluntary basis) obliged to read the vehicle tax disc, before issuing a ticket, to see if the taxation class is Disabled. If they are literate enough to write a ticket then they should be able to do that. Disabled taxation class is somewhat harder to obtain than a Blue Badge. There are far fewer car in this category than blue badge holders in general. Many disabled people have enough problems and stresses in their lives than being hounded and preyed upon by ***** (fill in your own expletives and descriptions) In the main they are the more vulnerable members of society, many are older, more absent minded and many living in straitened circumstances, and too frightened to do other that pay these penalties, which could amount to a week's income. Common decency, morals or compassion are missing.


It would be fun to take these matters to the Courts and examine all the contracts from that given to UKCPS, through all the retailers lease agreements, all the way to the top of the tree in Jersey. ( REMARK. Jersey !!! company rules and regs, tax etc ... yet another interesting legal minefield !!! ) Surely within this particular web of company structure there must be some contactual defects or misuse of powers !


I have no legal training, but occasionally having some time on my hands, I may be bothered to look further into these matters. It's all fascinating stuff ! Contract Law, Landlord and Tenant and all the other Laws which apply.


If any of the foregoing is correct, some nugget may relate to other parking schemes in other Free Car Parks in shopping precincts or compounds etc.

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Of course he is not a proper"CEO" (civil enforcement officer), he is just a minimum-wage drone employed by UKCPS to dish out their phoney "tickets"

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