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Going back to Uni/College with debt to student finance.

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Hello, I would really like to do another full time uni or college course because I think now I am in a good place mentally and would be able to do well in it, however I owe student finance from a previous course where I had big problems and had to leave.. would I be able to get more finance?


Basically I did a foundation uni course and got finance for it I think it was about £3000 for tuition and about £3500 is maintenance loan which went ok, then moved onto do a full degree


Did a few months of the degree and fell into trouble (stuff with my crazy ex and rental contracts etc money wise) I was really behind with the work and thought I wouldn't be able to catch up so agreed with the tutor about doing the course another time (hadn't thought about the student finance situation at the time) having had my tuition fees paid and 2 payments of maintenance loan. well a few weeks after this I get a letter from student finance saying something about me not attending the course and that they wanted the maintenance loan back immediately (£2500 ish) which I just ignored really (like I said I was in a bad place, very depressed and drinking alot I didnt give a damn at the time)


Which brings me here, this was 3 years ago and I havnt had any contact with student finance at all since then, obviously I was hoping to get a full time job save up and pay back what I owe but being unskilled with only **** GCSE's I have been unemployed mostly apart from a few temp jobs and saving up is next to impossible.


So now I would really like to get back into studying but don't know whether I will be able to get further finance if I apply or what I steps I should take to resolve the debt so I can apply or what, sigh, I worry about phoning the student finance to ask or apply and being told no and then having bailiffs or something turn up to collect the debt.


any help very much appreciated. thanks.

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This is from my daughter's experience only, I don't know and haven't looked at Student Finance rules about your situation.


My daughter didn't return to uni for the second year of her course. As soon as student finance found out (she hadn't received any loans or grants for the second year) they tried to claim back part of the first year's grant. It took us nearly two years to get them to back off and accept she didn't owe anything and during that time she wasn't eligible for any further loans or grants because of the alleged debt.


The only way to find out for definite may be to apply and see what happens. They may turn you down, they may not. Regarding the (alleged) debt, they can't send the bailiffs around. For bailiffs to be involved it would have had to go to court and for you not to keep up payments set at a level you can afford (likely £1 a week if you're unemployed), always assuming they were able to prove you did owe the amount they say you do.


If you've been involved with mental health services, one of the mental health charities might be able to offer some support even if it's only speaking to student loans for you. Whatever you decide, Good Luck.


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