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Hi all


I am after a bit of advice /reassurance


my dads received a letter from Ruthbirdge ltd today asking him to contact them to help them resolve an urgent matter


first thing i always do with such matters is google the company name to see what comes up


no surprise to me to find its yet another unscrupulous debt collector


my dad had a letter from Active Capital earlier on this year about an old statute barred debt of mine

(an old bank debt due to banks error of paying a DD id cancelled which i refused to pay

time ran away with itself 9 years later a letter from active capital appears adressed to my dad)


in this case i just sent a letter to them refusing to aknowledge the debt and informing them that if they tried to pursue the matter further

i would contact the nessacery official bodys and that was that my dad has mental health/severe memory issues

and is reliant on a support worker who manages all his affairs usually


but he was ina panic on the phone and i decided id call theese people to find out what they wanted


i explained dad could not communicate with them either in writing or by phone

and wow the lady on the other end was really agressive and nasty i was shocked


i dont want my dad to recieve anymore harassing letters or calls but considering they havent actually requested any amount of money as yet


can i still go ahead and send a letter of denial ?


Many thanks



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For a start don't call them again. That's playing right into their hands and the treatment you got from the lady was a taste of it. Imagine if that had been your dad!


I don't suppose they have explained why they want you to call nor explained the urgent matter. Understand one thing its urgent only to Ruthbridge. If it is that important they will have no problems in putting their concerns in writing. Ruthbridge have a very limited threatogram suite and they are not very good at replying to anything that does not contain money or promises of money.


You don't say if you live at the same address as your dad. If you do I would wait until this firm write and explain what they want. Then you candeal with that. If you don't live in the same house I would write to them, on your dad's behalf, and tell them to remove his name and address from their systems because he has no wish to communicate with them. Tell them any further letters from Ruthbridge, or any of their agents, will be treated as harrassment and complaints filed with everybody.

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NEVER CONTACT DEBT COLLECTORS BY TELEPHONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. From the information provided, I would suggest that this is a fishing exercise by Ruthbridge. therfore your dad can choose to ignore or alternatively write asking for details of any claim they may have . You will need authorisation from your father.



Ruthbridge do try and pursue loads of SB debt.

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now make an official complaint to ruthbridge re this pathetic womans attitude, time their threat monkeys were dragged back on their leash




Getting There Slowly



Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel:-)

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Thanks guys

ugh i know i shouldnt have called anxiety got the better of me

i wont make that mistake twice

though i really couldnt get over how agressive the lady i spoke too was

wow i was dumbstruck they wouldnt give me any details at all about anything even after i explained to them that i had permission/authorisation to speak to them

dad had given me the name of the person whose name was on the letter the relevant reference numbers etc so i had all the details.


Nope i dont live at the same adress as my dad but i do care for him as a couple of years ago he moved back here from cornwall after being away for 12 years

and he had no debts there and lived with me for a year


he certainly didnt amass any debts here nor any since of that


i can be 100 percent certain would active captial have sold my old statute barred debt maybe thats the only thing i can think off ? thanks so much for your help


I shall definately write a letter of complaint along with a written letter of authorisation from my dad to confirm they can deal with me and me alone its not the first time ive dealt with the likes of them but i thought it best to seek advice before doing something daft eg calling again or firing off a letter


Thanks again i really appreciate it

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how about checking cra files?


see below



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I Tried doing that for myself a while back


last year Santander royally messed up and caused all kinds of problems with my account

and somehow 3 other clone accounts were made in my name that they sent out chequebooks and debit cards out for


i only received one of each and though they assured me they had solved the issue


i wanted to check my credit file just for my own peace of mind


but i hit a stumbling block with id (lack of it) but now it appears it might be a good idea to try again thanks

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The name on the letter was probably meaningless. It is highly likely there is no such person working for Ruthbridge. Complain to their compliance manager - but don't expect too much. Stresds the complaint is official. When they run out of time (eight weeks) to satisfactorily resolve your complaint ramp it up a notch to the Financial Ombudsman.

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They are adressed to my dad but im his primary carer so i gues ill have to write a letter of authorisation for him to read/sign just so that my letter will be taken seriously and any further correspondence (hopefully there wont be any) would be sent to me ?

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