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Hi all,


Against my better judgement. I decided to log a repair for my dead dishwasher with 0800repair.com after being impressed by their website, code of conduct and fixed prices.


Current situation is that after 4 weeks of engineers & broken promises, I am currently left £140 down with the same dead dishwasher and 0800repair don't really want to know anymore. No refunds. They keep fobbing me off.


As you can imagine, I am furious and its clouding my judgement. I have summarised the entire farce in the PDF attachment to this post.


Can anyone advise the next steps please?


Many thanks



Edit - content of PDF below:




Monday 5th November


Logged call for a Faulty dishwasher. Was told wait time for engineer was 5 days. Seemed long but OK.



Approx 2pm - Friday 9th November


Took day off work.


Despite being told the engineer would call first thing with an ETA, I called the engineer at approx midday to ask for an ETA. Was told a couple of hours.



* Engineer arrived at approx 2pm.

* Upon arrival, Engineer asked me to describe the problem. I explained that the water in the dishwasher never got warm and the dishwasher kept restarting itself and never completed.

* Without opening the dishwasher to perform a diagnosis, Engineer diagnosed the fault as a faulty heater.

* Engineer tried to find serial number on the Unit to order the part. Engineer informed me the serial number had rubbed off and so was unable to identify the exact model.

* I gave Engineer the Make and Model number from Manufacture's operating manual.


* Engineer called a part supplier and said that the heater was the same across all the Manufacture line so there is only 1 part. However, this 1 part was a special order part and the supplier did not accept refunds.

* The Engineer asked for my permission to purchase the part. I responded 'Yes, as long as we are sure that this part will resolve the problem'. Engineer responded 'Oh yeah' and ordered the part.

* I wrote Engineer a cheque for £83.52.

* Engineer said that parts take up to 28 days to arrive but usually take around 7 working days. He would call me.

* Engineer left.



Monday 12th November



* Funds remove from my account Tuesday 13th November.




Friday 16th November


* As 7 days had past, I called Engineer to find out the status of my part.


* Was informed that he was still awaiting delivery but offered to call the Supplier for an ETA.

* Engineer called back later that day to say the part was 2 days away and he would call when it was in his hands to make an appointment.


Tuesday 20th November




* Engineer called to say part had arrived and to make an appointment.

* Because I have to take days off work, appointment for Monday 26th November agreed.

* I ask for an ETA for time of day. Was promised a call on the day to advise on arrival time.




Monday 26th November


Took day off work. Was promised a call before the engineer arrived to advise on arrival time - never received a call.

* Engineer arrived approx midday with part.

* Engineer pulled out Dishwasher unit and decided that this was a 2 man job and couldn't proceed.

* Engineer said he needed to find a 2nd person to help with the repair as the dishwasher internals were too heavy for 1 person to lift. Unsure why this was not identified on the first visit.

* Engineer unable to make a new appointment whilst on-site as he needed to confirm available of the 2nd person - but would call me.

* Engineer called later that day to make an appointment for Wednesday 28th December evening.




Wednesday 28th November



* 2 Engineers arrive at approx 19:20.

* They pull out Dishwasher unit and examine/dismantle it for the first time.

* Engineer discovers its not the heater that is faulty after all and its 'the module'

* I asked when he will be able to repair it. He says he is unable to identify the necessary replacement part as the serial number was worn off the Unit.

* Engineer suggested I call Bosch (the manufacture) to ask for a free part replacement as the Engineer claimed that there is an inherent fault with this dishwasher and Bosch had a recall programme. (I called Bosch the following day and they knew of no such recall programme).

* I asked Engineer what was happening about the spare part and he responded that he pointed out the part was provided on a 'No refund' basis. I pointed out that I only accepted the purchase of the part on the understanding that it fixed the problem. Stalemate.

* Engineer re-assembled dishwasher, said he can't continue with the repair and recommended I called the manufacture and left my premises.




Thursday 29th November

Having felt conned, ripped off and fobbed off, I called the 0800repair call centre for advice.



* I spoke to a helpful call centre representative and explained the story so far.

* He was very sympathetic and explained that this isn't the service 0800repair offer and asked me to hold the line whilst he called the engineer for an update. Promising.

* I was cut off.

* I called back and was put through to the same call centre person.

* I explained that I have now waited 1 day shy of 4 weeks, am back to square 1 again with a dead dishwasher and that my patience has run out. I added that I have lost confidence in 0800repair's ability to diagnose and repair my dishwasher.

* I requested a full refund.

* I was told that I am only entitled to a refund on the part but not the labour as 0800repair labour includes call out and fix. I had had the call out - the fix has not been delivered as technically I am choosing to cancel the repair by not allowing them to proceed.

* My argument was that after 4 weeks and 3 engineer visits, 0800repair cannot diagnose or fix the problem by admission of their own engineer - therefore 0800repair can't deliver what I paid for - therefore have not delivered the service I paid for and should refund my money.

* I was told to package up the part and sent it back to the Engineer for refund.

* I was told I would not get a refund of £60 for labour. I explained that I plan to dispute this with my credit card company.




Friday 30th November



* I sent the part back to the Engineer using Royal Mail Special Delivery at my expense (£8) to avoid any 'we never received the part' excuses.




Monday 3rd December



* Royal Mail Delivered parcel to Engineer



Wednesday 5th Dec



* No cheque so far.

* I called the call centre to ask when I can expect my refund of £83.52.

* Call center had to call Engineer.

* Engineer said it will be with me by Friday.




Friday 7th Dec



* No cheque arrived

* I called the call centre to ask when I can expect my refund of £83.52.

* Call center had to call Engineer.

* Engineer said it will be with me by Tuesday (this suggests it hasn't been sent).

* Call centre said to call if it doesn't arrive by Tuesday.



Tuesday 11th December


Approx 9:30am


* No cheque arrived

* I called the call centre to ask when I can expect my refund of £83.52.

* Call center had to call Engineer. Bad line apparently. Call centre emailed engineer.

* I commented that this was farcical and can 0800repair refund me and claim it back from the Engineer. Call centre did not know and didn't offer to really find out.

* Call centre insisted I had to wait for Engineer to refund me.

* I asked whether I have to go to the small claims court to recover this money. Call centre did not comment.


Approx 10:30am

* I called the Call Center.

* Call center say Engineer has responded to email and cheque is on its way. Unable to confirm whether its in flight or whether it will be sent today.

* Call centre said to call if it doesn't arrive by Friday.


This is the 3rd time I have been informed that the cheque will be sent out and to wait 3 days and contact them if it doesn't arrive.

Edited by farsider
Spelling mistakes and pasted contents of PDF.

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Disgraceful service.

If you paid by credit card, call your bank and ask them for a chargeback.

If your bank won't do it [they should] then write your whole sorry saga to one of those consumer columns in the newspaper and see if they can recover your money.

You can also have a moan on Twitter as most of these companies now have reps who keep an eye on their companies and try to nip problems in the bud.

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Not 0800Repair Again


Please have a look at this CAG Link I assisted with as will be useful to you:



How to Upload Documents/Images on CAG - **INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE**

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I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group

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