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Mums Money Shop debt & Hamptons Legal

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I have been getting my mums debts sorted for years now and successfully got a lot written off due to her ex violent partner/duress etc. Anyway she had a loan with the money shop also taken out by her ex partner but in her name. Obviously she received lots of chasing letters from the money shop who i spoke to and told them the situation. They then went quiet for a while. She then received a letter from the moeny shop, i guess some kind of marketing letter saying your money shop account stands at £0 and would you like another loan.


I thought, like all the others that they had written off this debt. However today she receievd a letter from Hamptons legal chasing the £825.00 and stating that they have looked at her credit file and noticed that shes a home owner and they will send a stat demand and then apply for bankruptcy and make her sell her house.


They have also stated at the bottom that they are willing for her to pay 50% of the debt or £50.00 a month.


Is this aggressive behaviour normal? Ive been reading that they will go through with their threats and at the moment im waiting for some ouche bag to knock on the door and serve my mum with these papers.


I dont want to pay this without a fight but does it look like ive run out of time already ?

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How old is this debt.


When you say the ex took the debt out in her name.. did Mum sign any paperwork ?


If there is a letter from Money shop which clearly states that there is a £0 balance, then I think that Lowells (who are the driving force behind Hamptons) are going to be on a hiding to nothing.


Has she actually been served with a Statutory demand ?


I will try and find someone who might be able to offer more advice to you.

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No the debts in my mums name. To cut a long story short he made her take out a load of debt under the threat of physcial violence. I managed to get 25K written off, with the help of my local MP and doctors and police documentation etc however Capital One and Lowells are not playing ball. In fairness to Lowells/Hamptons I havent told them anything about this. I just need to find this money shop letter which even though its not a statement and some market jargon it shows her balance at £0.


Havent recieved the Stat demand yet just this letter saying they are going to issue one and make her bankrupt etc but also offering her a 50% reduction or to pay £50 pcm.


Thankfully after many stays in prison the ex is out of the picture.

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It sounds like they may have possibly 'sold' the debt to Lowells, do you have a full statement of how the £850 is made up ? It would be good to know how that amount is made up (excess charges / penalties ?) if you don't then I think a SAR to the Money Shop may be a good move.....How old is the alleged debt ? When was the last payment made ?

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It may possibly be a good idea to drop an email (You can write but do it recorded delivery or proof of postage delivery)


Dear Sir / Madam


I am in receipt of your recent letter dated (xxxxx)




Can you please give me a detailed breakdown of how this alleged debt is made up including any penalty charges. Please note that any legal action will be vehementley defended.


Yours faithfully.


(don't hand sign)

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In fairness she took out the debt. It was a payday loan back in the cheque cashing days. Shes never paid a penny of it back as she got into a state then depression and then attempted suicide.


He ex has beat her up and threatened to kill her unless she got him money so she was pretty much in hell for years.


I think the debt is about 3 years old.


Shall i write to Lowells then before the fella turns up and issues her with a stat demand? (been reading about this fella with a clip board all morning lol)

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How is your mum now ? hopefully a lot better.....if she is still suffering in anyway then how would she face up to setting aside a stat demand in court ? I should drop that email to them in the first instance....it is highly likely that the debt may have been originally way below the bankruptcy threshold level....

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It was between 500-750 but i will email them now. Mums ok i picked up all of the debt which was pushing her over the edge and got rid of most of it aprt from the mortgage which skiptons are not budging on.


I put a miselling claim in with the fso as well but it seems that the fso side with the creditors in most cases. Luckily the decent banks and credit cards wrote the debt off without a backwards glance and then you have the parasites that dont.

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Email them, and send a hard copy also, for the hard copy you can send it 2nd class but you MUST obtain 'Proof of posting' from the PO counter which is free.


I would be extremely surprised if these clowns were ever able to force the sale of your mums house for a petty unsecured debt, especially for one so trivial.


Yes it might be above the BR threshold, but to force someone to sell their house for a trivial amount is criminal.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Thanks :)


I will send an email today and the samw in letter form. I'll make sure i get proof of delivery as well.


I will pay this if i have to i just wondered how long i can leave it till i pay before it goes to court. Never been in this position before?


They are offering 50% off which indicates to me that they may not go the full monty on this.

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Anyone who offers a discount on any debt will not go to court, it will either be riddled with reclaimable fees and charges, or they simply don't have the correct paper work to make it stand up in front of a judge.


If they have offered a discount, then it needs thoroughly investigating, no-one offers a discount on money they are owed unless they know they are unlikely to get the full amount.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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