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    • My income was low and I saw a guy who selling 16 plus oyster car for a £50, the I bought it. I though I could save some money for my travelling. The guy put fake details like my age but genuine picture of me. When I got by inspector asked me what’s my age and I was very nervous and I told a fake date of birth. After 3 month I received letter saying that I have to attend to the court. I know I’m very guilty and I wish I have never done this and I’m deeply sorry. And the house I was living it was sharing with other people. The inspector says that guy in the picture looked like me! basically he didn’t think that was me because that picture my hair was short compared the time he caught me. I no longer live there due to expensive rent. I’m always willing to improve my life become a batter man. I don’t no family here and I’m stuck. It has been a year now since that I still think of it , i had a rough month.
    • I understand you're stressed but please tell us when you saw the inspector. It will help us to help you.   HB
    • Thank you for your answer. I have no idea what’s going around me and I think too much about this situation. I’m just a guy who wants to live normal and never had like this issues before. I’m very stressed out. I don’t know how to contact TfL. I’m willing to apologise them and let them do whatever they want from except criminal records. I don’t have no family or anyone can help.
    • Hello    I will keep this short   HSBC blocked my account without warning in January and only reopened it yesterday after 10 months. They've given me £1,000 as a way of saying sorry. The blockage was due to an error in their system but it has led to the following for me -    7 defaults on credit file to the value of £152000, rent arrears of £2000 , paypal has closed my account which I had since 2003 as one of the defaults was with their credit services and as a result of this my online business has gone bust as PayPal was the only way I could get payments from clients. Car repossessed as finance payments were also blocked.    Can anyone advise if I have a case against HSBC either through the ombudsman or the County Court to recover all my losses ?  They have already told me they will not be increasing their compensation . Thanks     
    • Hello and welcome to CAG.   Can you tell us when the incident happened please?   Best, HB
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Deductions made from salary for unspecified overpayment

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Hi all,


My daughter also has found that, according to the payroll dept of the company she works for, she was overpaid in the period August and September 2013. My daughter accepted the salary in good faith as she had worked overtime for training during that period.


They have already taken some if not all the monies back without notifying her. They not provided any details of said overtime, when asked for copies of payslips for that period, she was told they can't do that, and that her managers have given the payroll dept permission that take the deductions.


I would question the legality of some one else giving permission for a deduction from your salary.


Any advice or thoughts would be helpfull

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Hi and thanks Honeybee and Andy, yes I did mean 2012. She recieves pay slips ad hoc due to her working part time and access to her internal mail is not available.


What I am saying, she was not notified about this until now, payments already taken, errorr on behalf of local managers and payroll. She wanted to know when this overpayment happened and then arrange a suitable repayment IF there had been a overpayment.

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Hello again.


Well, I think she's entitled to see how they've arrived at their figure to be deducted.




I agree, surely any reasonable company would provide this information, if not, I be a bit worried.

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