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    • Just for the record, I am uploading the original letter from CCSCollect, which asks me for the money from "BT" (if it is BT).   You can see here that I scribbled some notes at the foot of the letter indicating that I phoned the number CCSCollect gave me as the BT number, and I was told by "BT" that there was an outstanding balance of £48 in the account. They first tiold me that the account wasn't even closed. Then they changed their mind and told me that the account was closed, but that there was a £48 balance still owing.   Assuming that I was speaking to BT, I kept telling them that the email address did not work, which is why I closed the account.    I recall that I had kept telling BT at the time that the email address didn't work and that I either wanted them to fix the problem or stop charging me their PREMIUM rate charges for an email that didn't work!   On the phone on this occasion the BT man I spoke to (before he called me a mother****er) had asked me if I had actually used the words "! want to cancel this account" specifically. He seemed to be saying this as an excuse for their behaviour of not closing the account when I had complained about it. However, all that is irrelevant, since what I was clearly saying was that I was NOT going to pay good money for an email account that didn't work, and that they shouldn't be charging me money for it in the first place.   Later that day, though, I phoned BT using the operator number (not the number that CCSCollect had given me for BT) and spoke to someone at BT who accessed my accounts (I actually had two old accounts, one for each of the two phone lines that I needed then to do the work that my single Virgin Media account can do now) and he confirmed that neither of these showed any outstanding unpaid balance. I have a recording of that conversation.   So which version is the true version?     
    • Hi DX   I have contacted ASDA who have said they have no involvement with the machine and need to contact the owner who are Barclays - they could not give me any contact details.   I rang Barclay's who were no help whatsoever and could not give me a number to contact - they told me to check the contact details on front of the machine.  However there are no contact details on the front of the ATM.  There is only a sign saying ASDA have no responsibility for the machine and to contact your card issuer in the event of any problems.   I am going round in circles with this and think my only option may be a complaint to the FCO?    
    • There's no mention of using the job application part of the online journal on my claimant commitment. As I say, there's only this one Advisor that seems to want to make it a massive issue - terminating the meeting if I dare to argue back.   I simply have: check it often - complete to-do list (has only ever been meetings to attend on there) - update circumstances
    • he Financial Conduct Authority today launched a legal action against the bosses of a Gatwick airport carpark investment scheme that collapsed after raising £230 million from thousands of savers. Yesterday, it was revealed that investors were suing Park First and its controversial founder Toby Whittaker for fraud and today the FCA launched a separate action alleging the scheme made “false and misleading statements” in its promises to potential investors. A total of 4500 largely elderly investors put money into the scheme, many of whom also lost money with London Capital & Finance. A large number of them used their self-invested personal pensions to buy the product, which involved buying car park spaces at Gatwick and Glasgow airports then leasing them back to the company in return for high rates of return. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/fca-sues-park-first-directors-094900289.html?guccounter=1
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County Court claim Howard Cohen/Santander

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Hi all,


today I've recieved a Court claim (Northampton) from Howard Cohen on behalf of Santander.


The amount they are claiming is £174.09, from an old dorothy perkins/ GE Capital storecard.


I intend to try to counter claim but not sure exactly how to go about it :|


Basically I SAR'd them in January this year and they sent a copy of the agreement and a few statements. From the statements they did send, I was able to work out that I have already paid around £2,000, including PPI which I tried to cancel twice. Three things were purchased on this card in total amounting to less than £100. Yet even after I cancelled the store card I was still paying PPI on a balance entirely made up from late charges and PPI!


Is it worth counter claiming? Any help appreciated,



Hit the scales, you know you want to :p

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