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Paycheckcredit/Ndr/marshall hoares bailiffs, toothfairyfinance problems.

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Hi all, right so were do i start...


I got a loan off Paycheckcredit i think it was last October for £100 and i thought at that time that the money had been paid back as i had was getting other loans at that time and quite alot was going out my account and i didnt check if they'd received the payment, i think i lost my mobile phone around then so not sure if they tryed to contact me on my phone but they didnt contact me by email for months, then out of the blue i had £104 taken from my account in £18 charges i still have this on my online statement.


So i rang them up and they said i still owed like like £250 but if i paid them £100 on my next paydate then it'd be sorted so i agreed, unfortunately again i didnt check if it'd been took as ive been in a pickle with taking out loans paying them then getting more to get me through the month and since then ive been constantly pestered with emails from Ndr, Paycheckcredit and Marshall hoares bailiffs threatening me.


The paycheckcredit ones are all the same saying PAYMENT UNSUCCESFUL that they tryed to take the money from my account but it was declined, ive been getting this exact same email every week for months now, and its saying that i now owe £902, the funny thing is i got an email a couple of months ago saying i owed around just £40??? i started deleting all there emails though before reading them so alot are lost but i still have loads off them.


Also ive been getting emails from Marshall hoares bailiffs asking me to contact them regarding my loan with paycheckcredit and saying there going to make a home visit.


Ive moved house since then so im now at a different address than the one they have but yesterday my stepdad who i used to live with received a letter saying that Marshall hoares bailiffs visited the property regarding 'Pay Check' it says


it is ESSENTIAL YOU CONTACT US TODAY on the number below

Futher visits are planned and this file will shortly go to your local County Court for Judgement and Enforcement.


We Recommend you CALL NOW so we can resolve this matter.


We will be returning shortly.

Agent name Mark

Agent Telephone number 07502108980


Marshall Hoares Bailiffs 0843 381 1111 and says the registered address is 65 new cavendish street london w1g 7ls.


So my stepdad isnt happy about this and wants me to contact them as he thinks is house will be blacklisted if i dont phone them and sort it, i dont want to speak to them and ill be happy to go to county court with these guys, i honestly thought i paid them but maybe it didnt go through and they took £104 form my account randomly like months later i think it was April when they did this and i got the loan in October, ive changed my bank details now so they cant get anything.


Im just looking for some advice on how to deal with this so will be much appreciated if one of you guys could help me out here and let me know what to do next.


Thanks for reading, Scott.

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So today i got this email




Online payment ID: 3326252

Outstanding amount: 919


Letter of Instruction & Notice Reminder


Reference: BAILIFF/INTR/3326252

Client: PayCheckCredit - Pay Check Credit Loan

Client Ref: 3326252


Date: 08/12/2012


Dear Mr xxxxx,


We are writing to give you formal notice that PayCheckCredit - Pay Check Credit Loan has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt.




We intend to pursue you fully for all outstanding sums (GBP 919) including any fees we incur collecting this debt. Payment in full must be received no later than 17:00 to avoid further door collection fees being added to your file. DO NOT IGNORE OR THIS WILL COST YOU MORE


Debt GBP 640

Cash Transmission Fee GBP 5

NDR Accept Case File GBP 200

Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10

Solicitors - Case Preparation GBP 150

Missed Payment Fee 4 (day 71) GBP 10

Missed Payment Fee 5 (day 85) GBP 10


Repayments todate GBP 126

Total GBP 919


TAKE NOTICE: You should accept this letter as formal notification that unless payment is received within 4 days then your account will be fast-tracked and considered for the following:


Consequences of inaction:

1. Court Judgement legal action will be automatically started in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding. Any such pr oceedings will include additional claims for legal costs and interest which will increase the amount you will be required to pay.

2. Warrant of execution will be applied for to enable us to seize goods at your addresses and or an attachment of your earnings.

3. Register of Judgements any judgement will be entered in a public register, the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines Credit Reference Agencies, who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on you financial reputation. This will make it very difficult for you to get credit.

4. Credit reference PayCheckCredit have already advised the Credit Reference Agencies of your DEFAULT. This may seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. Once the balance is paid in full, only then will the default be shown as “Default Satisfied”.

To AVOID A HOME VISIT or further action you should PAY IMMEDIATELY


1. online using a card by visitin g:






2. at bank either over the counter at the bank or by electronic transfer to:


Barclays Bank

Account Number: 93462382

Sort Code: 20-50-94

Reference: Use your mobile number (447547064748) as a reference


This debt will not go away and should not be ignored


You can contact us on 08433811111 to discuss your outstandig debt.


Yours faithfully




Anti - Fraud

Marshall Hoares Bailiffs

Telephone: 0843 381 1111



The content of this email should not be considered as an acceptance of any offer unless we previously review and expressly approve in writing your terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of this email.


The information in this email is private and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient(s) or have otherwise received this email in error, please delete t he email and inform the sender as soon as possible. This email may not be disclosed, used or copied by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). Any opinions, statements or comments contained in this email are not necessarily those of Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. If you wish clarification of any matter, please request confirmation in writing.


Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is a company registered in England and Wales whose registered address is Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited, 15 Lyndhurst Terrace, London, NW3 5QA, United Kingdom. Company registration number 06871092. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under Consumer Credit Licence number 631168.


We take precautions to minimise the risk of this email containing a software virus but you should use virus checking software.


Any advice?

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Firstly you are not alone their are lots just like you in the same state, ok Marshall Hoares are NOT bailiffs and have no powers at all if they turn up again tell them to go away, and if they say they are bailiffs inform them you are calling the police as its a criminal offence and they will leave qucikly, you need to report them to the OFT & FOS. Also you only need to clear the loan plus 1 month int and no more, as long as you do that they will stop and move to another person who is easy game . Be strong dont give in



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Spam oliver.larholt@webloansprocessing.com micahel.lapides@webloansprocessing.com with your offer to pay 1 month plus interest only. Also copy in sarah.cullen@oft.gsi.gov.uk she has been working on the OFT case to have them closed down.


All emails available in the public domain.

Edited by alanfromderby

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Ok thanks guys il try and let u know what i get from it im still getting emails from them nearly daily. Its actually gettin more frequent this last week or two, must be getting desperate.


Seeing as ive already paid £104 should i just pay them a months interest or should i pay another £100 + interest? Thanks scott

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I pay them the interest and then tell them to go whistle for the rest. Im sure they wont be around much longer anyhow.

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Hi guys

I'm in the same situation with Marshall Hoares regarding a Speedcredit loan. I've been sending daily emails stating I will only pay the loan + 1 months interest, not the 1089 they are asking for. Been sending it to Collections@marshallhoares.com, which have been going through okay untill today. Now it's come back as failed. Any ideas where I go to from here?


Many thanks

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Ditto same here. MH claim they own the debt so i have asked for the notice of assignment. But had nil reply.

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Personally id ignore them, wait for them to take you to court (they wont) and then prepare a defense and watch them crumble, then payback the loan plus 1 month interest.

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I don't even live at the address that the "debt" is registered to, and don't plan to give my current address until I really have to.

I don't mind going to court as I know they won't side with with Marshall Hoares. I just want it over and done with to be honest.

Any other email addresses that anyone knows about that actually go through? I plan to keep annoying them every day haha

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