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im in a bit of a predicament at work & I wondered if anyone could advise me on the best course of action


Ive been employed for 23years with the same employer straight from school virtually ,

ive always had single sided hearing for as long as I can remember caused by measles as a small child,


the only hearing aid I could use was a band worn on your head to transmit the sound from my right hand side to my left ear ,

which I chose not to wear because of the attention it would cause & me to be very conscious of the way it would look


I adapted by walking with my good side facing people etc

all the way through my life ive coped with my disability with people not really knowing of my deafness at work


I always used hearing protection etc knowing how precious my good ear was

ive always had a uphill slog at work with managers for some reason taking a dislike to me

but people work mates or anyone who actually got to know me I got on really well with ,


there was a lot of jealousy at 1st with some people because when I passed my apprenticeship at 19

I was on more money than a lot of my work colleagues which they did not like ,


I could bore you with loads of crap ive had to put up with ,

eg my old manager telling me he knew I could do his job but while he was there id have no chance ,


I went out with some lads for a drink at xmas got steaming & admittedly was late for work

I got dragged in & ripped apart being threatened with the sack etc

another lad who came out walked in the office later than me for my engineer just to say oh hello paul you look rough the continued riping into me ,


for some reason my face has never fitted ,

apparently I look a bit intimidating but people soon realise that im not what they expect me to be


low & behold when he left I got a promotion


Now the trouble begins

It still seems that my face doesn't fit & the managers have there favourites which im not one ,

but the annoying thing is that I know im good at my job without blowing my own trumpet

& im better than these blue eyed boys but no matter how hard I try its just to no avail


I hope this doesn't just seem like im moaning but im trying to give as much background info as possible


My main job role was supervising teams out on site & liasing with customers which was great

the only problem I encountered was if I knocked a customers door & they answered via an upstairs window

I could not tell which direction the sound was coming from, which was quite embarrassing


I started getting serious ear infections in my good ear which were very painful & caused me to loose the hearing in my good ear

whilst I had the infection & id keep getting these infections so was refered to the hospital who suggested having a bone anchored hearing aid fitted (BAHA) which I did ,

but 1 thing that i found after the operation was that I couldn't wear my hard hat because of the hearing aid

& the strap caused infections in the abutment site through sweat & rubbing

Hard hats are mandatory


I informed my manager who got in touch with OH & I was given a job in the office


I saw OH which the Dr said it was more beneficial for me to wear the hearing aid than the hardhat

but my management didn't like that decision & got HR in for a chat & there was mention of me being relocated

but I could possibly loose my company card & not be on the same pay grade ,


could it get any worse I thought ,


I said that to try & help out I wouldn't wear my hearing aid for a couple of times a week so I could visit sites etc ,

I had to see the nurse again & she agreed to this


my manager even called me to one side & said

" Did you think of the implications the operation would have on your job " I

was astonished at this but he said it to me with no to hear what was said he is sly like that


Ive contacted hardhat manufactures & told them my problem but they are unable to modify the hats to suit my hearing aid as it affects the structural integrity of the hat


ive been on a forum for the BAHA & aparantly the hard hat issue is a common problem with no solution


while ive been doing this job role my STC's have been left to run out so I have to redo all my assessments to regain my competences

which ive completed apart from the on site assessments which require me to wear a hardhat


while all this is going on we get the news that most of the staff are being tuped across to the contractors including myself

to ensure I gain my competences before the tupe I feel I was forced into telling the nurse that I would not wear my hearing aid

& be comfortable wearing my hat as much as required at work

The nurse agreed that this would be ok & sent a note confirming this to my manager


I keep asking my manager when I can go to site & complete these assessments

but he just said I have to complete all other courses 1st which is a deep excavation course in January ,


other managers keep saying I need to get my competences back asap & I explain that my manager insists that I complete all other courses 1st

& even they have said that I don't need to complete that course before the assessments


it just seems like he is holding me back as long as he can


potentially if I am tuped I could be potentially making myself unemployable because of loosing my competencies whilst I have had this hardhat issue

& the fact my manager is dragging his feet


Has anyone got any suggestions on what I should do to rectify this


im not happy that im forced not to wear my hearing aid whilst on site because the operation leaves a big scar site on the back of my head ,

which if the hearing aid was fitted at least id be getting some benefit & it would cover some of the scar ,

otherwise ive got a bit indentation with a steel sud sticking out of it , which causes some people to stare when they notice it


There may be a chance of staying with my employer with a promotion for the very few roughly only 20 places 5 per area

when 160+ jobs are being tuped over & personally I think the blue eyed boys are going to get looked after & stuff the rest


How can I stop this happening & ensure that im retained


can I say that my employers have not made reasonable adjustments causing my competencies to laps or would that be wrong ,


I don't really want to play the disabled card but I just want to ensure that im retained by my company but don't really stand a chance if I don't ,


that's how I feel anyway


I hope I haven't been rambling on & that you understand my predicament & have some good advise for me

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Has no one any advise for me

I hope that it doesn't just sound like im moaning & looking to play the disability card

Please could someone comment on what they would do via email or this post please

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Hello there. I'm sorry you haven't had any replies. What you wrote is quite a lot to take in though.


Are you able to tell us what your ideal outcome would be please?


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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