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tax credits, advice required

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Hi all,


I have just had my girlfriend on the phone screaming and shouting at me because i think i have really made a mess of things for her.


To begin, we have a three year old son and we separated last January due to differences we could not get past. I moved out of the home and went back to my parents address. since then she has been claiming single persons benefit for her and our child as she kept on the house and only works part time.


Leaving was the best thing i could have done at the time as we started getting on a lot better and we started seeing each other again in June this year. i have still not moved back into the family home due to the differences we came across before and we don't want to upset things for our son.


now for the problem,


she received a letter from hmrc today saying that they were carrying out checks and that they were working closely with a credit agency who are sending information during these checks and according to these checks there may be another adult - myself - living at this address.

So she phoned them up and told them we had separated in January but never told them any further information like we were seeing each other again. they have informed her they cannot validate my current living arrangements, as i am not on the electroral role, nor do i have any bills at my parents address either.


They then checked that i had no commitments at my previous address like utility bills etc.


So to further validate that i am not there they have requested 6 months of bank statements from my girlfriend to establish her incoming and outgoings and for myself they want a copy of my driving licence, my insurance and a covering letter from someone whom is not a family friend, nor a relative but who knows our current situation.


I cannot provide any of that information because in the last 11 months i have never bothered to change the address on my driving licence, bank account etc and i have no one other than family who can provide a covering letter.


I have also been using my girlfriend's paypal account to make ebay purchases, because i have such a poor credit history myself i cannot get a current account with my bank and do not have a debit card. it is dotted throughout her statements saying paypal and if they were to look further they would see i was the receiptient for the purchases.I also purchased another car in august and at the time we were talking of me moving back in, so i registered my car at her address, i insured my car at this address and i even put her on the insurance as my partner. To make things even worse when i insured the car, I had no debit card so I asked her to pay it on her card. I gave her the money to put in her bank account but i didnt give her enough so a week later i deposited the outstanding amount plus a bit more as i had mad some more purchases.


She wasn't made aware of the car and insurance situation, she just knew she was insured to drive it.


So when she called today and asked me to make a photocopies i had to tell her what i had done. She is now hysterical, screaming, shouting and crying because it looks like i am there and shes claiming illegally.


basically where the hell do i go from here? Do i send all my documentation away and have the correct addresses put on it?


I dont know what i can do to put this right.

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unfortunately you have now put yourself and her in a difficult position, is there absolutely no proof you can supply that you were or are not living together, any mobile bills? council tax? electric gas? absolutely anything official...dont think a letter from your family is going to 'cut it' what they are looking for is official proof, and from you have written that is going to be difficult....are you claiming benefits? if so, from which address?

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Hi, thanks for replying, I have no other documentation to prove I am not at that address, my credit rating is so low (through no fault of my own but that's a matter related to my ex 6 years ago), I am unable to even take out a contract phone, the only official documents I have is my insurance for my car and my driving licence basically, and I have never looked into benefits because I work 5 nights a week doing 14 hour shifts, so my wage is too high to claim, I have absolutely no idea what to do for the best

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