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Problem with dealership, 4 month old vehicle

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Hi guys


Its been a while since I posted.

You've always really helped me out in the past and I'm just wondering if you can help again.

I hope i've posted this thread in the right place.


12 months ago, we bought a vehicle. We traded an old one in and got a 4 month old newer model. We bought it via finance. We took delivery and only 1 key arrived. Many emails and phone calls backwards and forwards between us and the dealer. Dealer saying the old owner is bringing the other keys in etc. and we'll post them on to you. No keys arrived.


This has been going on for many months and ending in us posting the key to them cos we lived miles away, them having key cut and posting it back to us. That key never worked and it now turns out there is no way of obtaining a new key, because we don't have the master key or card key needed to program the immobilizer.


we are now trying to sell the vehicle but obviously its near impossible to sell with only one key and a new immobilizer is needed to obtain any new keys,


the garage are now saying they will either sell the vehicle for us and come and collect it free of charge (obviously they are going to mark up the price), or will put a new immobiliser on but we have to pay the £150 for them to come and collect the vehicle.


It just doesn't seem right. They lied about the keys all along. We have emails to prove this, and I now either have to pay them £150 ( think its plus VAT) or let them sell it and they're gonna mark the price up


Anyone got any constructive suggestions? Really don't know what to do next

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Pop into the main dealer and ask how much to supply an original key. Write recorded to the selling dealer and tell them the quote you have had and ask them to pay.


If they say no, remind them of their original promise, the SOGA and the car not being of satisfactory quality. If they still quibble, send them a copy of the bill again and head your letter 'Letter Before Action'.


You can also mention that if the car doesn't realise it's marked selling value if you have to sell it without the key that you will be billing them for the difference.


Don't threaten court if you're not willing to go that far, it doesn't cost much and can be done on line - https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome


If you go as far as to order a key from the main dealer, you will have to take full proof of who you are and the log book registered in your name.


You will, of course, claim back the £30ish it costs to issue the claim so you're not out of pocket.

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Thanks Conniff


Its actually a motorbike. Its a fairly rare bike and very hard to find models for sale.


I've spoken to the bike manufacturer directly who said it should always be sold with the master key and card and as it was originally sold to me without these and with me believing that these were to be supplied, the dealer should fit a new immobilizer. The dealer told me the cost of this is approx £300. I've been emailing them for 12 months regarding my concern about the missing keys and only after I contact the manufacturer do I find out theres no way to get key without new immobilizer now the master key is missing.

I went back to the dealer telling them what the manufacturer said, and that I'm trying to sell the bike and have had interest but no one is willing to buy it in current position and tbh I'm not happy to sell it on to someone and leave them lumbered. Its been declared SORN as it doesn't get used over winter. So the dealer says he'll pick it up and fit new immobilizer but I have to pay £150 plus vat for them to collect it. or he'll sell it in the shop and I don't have to pay for them to collect it.

I felt like I had no other options and they turned up to pick it up out of the blue. They took the bike and found a buyer. Lied to me what price the buyer was paying (as I said, its a fairly rare bike and turns out the buyer they have is a guy who looked at buying it direct from me last month and has contacted me, telling me what he agreed to pay for the bike and that they still haven't replaced, nor do they appear to intend to, replace the immobilizer). I advised as far as I was aware the dealer were replacing immobilizer and does he understand what not having the master key means. They hadn't made him aware and he's now pulled out of the sale.

The dealer is now contacting me saying do I want them to replace immobilizer and arrange for bike to be delivered back to me as they had sold the bike until I interferred (is pretty much what they implied); Im assuming with all the underhandedness thats gone on (other stuff has happened prior to this issue, but less serious, that if I agree to /opt for this, they will cover cost of immobilizer, but charge £300 plus VAT for collection / delivery. or I leave the bike there, let them sell it and lie to me about what price they get for it. I'd have to insure it again and tax it to go collect it myself.


I can't find another bike of this model for sale anywhere in the UK, so don't know how I would go on proving market selling value. They originally had it advertised at 8300, and I originally had it advertised at 7900 (I'd priced it for a quick sale and had interest, I priced it based on only having one key, not originally thinking it was a big a problem as it actually is). All parties I have had contact me via my advert have initially agreed to pay 7800.


Now the dealer has possession of bike, its going to cost me to get it back in theory, because theyre going to turn round and say, we only agreed free collection if we sold it for you, and if they do sell it, they're just going to lie, like last time, saying they sold it for 7800 because of key, the guy wants it servicing, so we can only give you 7500.


so either way, think i've lost 300 quid plus.

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