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Hi guys, not been on here for a while, but I need some help regarding a loan brokers I unwittingly appear to have given my details to. These people seem to be a subsidiary of myloan, and normally I wouldn't knowingly give my details to a company just like that. I consider myself fairly intelligent! And there's no way I would go through a loan brokers .... So yes you've guessed it, had about £70 taken from my account. I had a loan with Wonga but around the same time I applied for others and I'm pretty sure I applied for a loan and submitted my details on the basis they would use them to check the account was open and that they would need them should I be accepted. Somewhere along the line my details appear to have been passed along to a loan broker I have had no dealings with and before I know it I've lost £70!!! I know the story is familiar, and I know the horror stories out there are pretty severe.




I phoned my bank up straight away (Natwest) to ask them to perform a Visa debit chargeback, and the lady I spoke to had refused to do this as they don't want to get into a dispute between the loan broker and myself (this despite me saying I've never heard of them).




My questions are basically -surely if I request my bank perform a chargeback they are obligated to follow this through? Even if I was completely in the wrong (which we all know I'm no!) surely the fact I don't need their services, and have never asked for their services should be enough? How do I get them to perform a chargeback? Is there a magic word or something?!?




Next - I spoke to someone from Myloans, which is why I know they're the owners of enhanced financial. I asked for my money back and told them


I've never asked for their services. I also informed them that should I not hear anything from the close of today I would send them a LBA and basically go as far as to take them to the small claims court. Two things are confusing me - am I entitled to a refund under the distance selling rules within 14 days? And is this covered by the 7 day cooling off period? Also as I've never seen any terms and conditions or received any paperwork from them surely the 'contract' should be considered null and void? How can a contract be legal when it us so blatantly one sided, and partially fraudulent?




Lastly - why is this not fraud? If someone comes to me a d says we can provide this service, for this price. Here's the terms and conditions. Fine. But how can I apply for a loan, provide a company with my details, only to have my details passed along to a third party who just so happen to be owned by the company that have now refused my loan application after initially suggesting I could be eligible for thousands???? So the company draw me in with offers of riches, only to refuse me once they have my details, and then pass my details on to a "Liam broker" who coincidentally are owned by the initial refusing loan agent... So it seems win win for them... Why is that not fraud, as it seems pretty dodgy to me?? The first guy at Natwest was quite blasé in the way he admitted these firms do pass on my details!!!!

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Anyone? I sent them an LBA so we'll see what happens.

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