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Wonga/Quickquid What I plan to do...Help and advice please...

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Firstly it is quite reassuring to see so many people viewing the forum, so I guess that I'm not the only Idiot who has found themselves in a big hole though borowing from these cowboys!!! I don't need telling how stupid i've been. I borrowed initially to make emergency car repairs so i could get to work, overtime had been laid on so I was confident I would have the cash to pay it back and hopefully never need their services again!!! I am on a DMP with CCCS so my budget is tight and I souldnt have taken on these loans as it may jepordise the DMP (again I am a stupid Idiot). The overtime was cancelled, and the snowball started its journey down the mountain!!! As it stands I have a total outsanding debt of £636 with Quickquid and the same again £670 with Wonga. The Quickquid loan is a 2 part payment with an installment due on Thursday which I can't afford to pay... hence I have LOST!!! my debit card and cancelled my direct debit instruction... I have been borrowing from one to pay the other etc... this seems to be a familiar story...


This is what i plan to do and any advice from anyone would be gratefully accepted. I will write to both Wonga and Quickquid (by recorded Delivery) offering £700 each as full and final settlement of the debt on the basis that i can pay 35 x £20 weekly payments through standing order to their nominated bank account.. I'm offering more than I currently owe as a gesture of good will and in the hope that they accept this amount as the absolute limit of the debt?????


I get paid weekly and the tightening of my budget is a small price to pay compared to the stress and worry of defaulting on the payments and the harrasment that inevitably follows.


Doe's anyone have any experience of having made a succesful offer of a repayment plan to either of these companies???


Does anyone have any advice of how the letters should be worded???


Maybe my plan is completly 'leftfield' and i'm barking up the wrong tree!!!!


Any help or advise would be most appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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I was in the same position last month and never paid wonga on time.


I rang the next day to ask to extend my loan and they could no longer do that course I missed the payment.


They said they would set up a repayment plan on my Acc and freeze the interest and give me three months to pay it back.


I asked the bloke why things had changed so suddenly and he basically said they have had a telling off from the oft & fos and this is how they had to do things from now on.


I was quite shocked by how helpfull he was.


Hope this helps you.


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Thanks for the reply Craig73. I have contacted quickquid who dont want to know until I default, I guess it gives tham the opportunity to add more charges!! I have now decided to email wonga to gauge their initial response.. I will post the email I sent here and update my progress so others can see if my tactics are a sucess or epic faliure in getting these monkeys off my back!





I am unable to locate any account number of my current loan, but hopefully you can cross reference with my email address ###############.

I am writing with regards to my current loan from yourselves due on the 28th December 2012 for a total amount of £686.09. It is with regret that I need to inform you that due to a change in circumstances beyond my control I will not be able to make the payment on the due date, nor meet any future demands for a lump sum payment.


In the hope of Wonga’s understanding with regards to this loan and my wish to pay it back. I would like to propose a repayment plan for a total of £700 (as full and final settlement of the loan) to be paid to yourselves by standing order to a nominated account. Due to my current financial restraints and the frequency of my wage payments I would like to offer £20 per week for a total of 35 weeks equalling £700. A weekly payment would ensure that the monies leave my account and reach yours as soon as my wages are received.


I would like to point out that should there be any improvement to my current financial situation I would endeavour to make greater repayments to clear the £700 debt.



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