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    • Hi,   My friend was being bullied by a manager who kept saying that anonymous people were complaining about her, she is asian and the minority where she works, she raised concerns in her meeting that she felt it had something to do with her race and gets treated differently to the rest of her colleagues due to off the cuff comments previously made and was told by her manager that as a minority she has to prove herself more as a minority in life and thats unfortunately the way it is. Following on from this they’re were more anonymous complaints all revolving around her attitude when speaking to the anonymous individual(s), she then had a meeting with hr initiated by her managwe and expressed her concerns, no outcome was given as the hr person said it was informal and a week later she has been told that she is being made redundant, my question is there were no specific incidents mentioned and my friend is still confused exactly how this came about but suspects it’s her manager who has taken a disliking to her, is this lawful?
    • Thanks for advice . I have spoken to the ICO , and their opinion is that there “may “ be cause for complaint . In the first instance I should write to the hospital (CEO)citing GDPR, giving them 30 days to respond . If the response is not to my satisfaction , then back to the ICO to raise a formal complaint . The ICO also suggested copying in the GMC with the complaint , I feel at present that is one step too far , perhaps I will sit on that until I get a reply from the hospital.
    • Thanks ethel and stu007   Yes, we had the kerb double dropped so me and my partner can park off the road. Before , just had one, and idiot would park in middle of properties so couldn't fit two cars on road outside. Has been issued a good 3 or 4 PCNs for obstructing since done. Its the back of the car, sometimes as far as a wheel but has a long boot/bumper which hangs over, so its not fully over. Recently seems to be as far as can without getting a ticket.   CCTV - shall read up thanks. Oh also, when I say 5 CCTV, that is 4 on property (100% out of boundary) and 1 in car which is lit up all night.   Does this count as harassment? The initial start of this thread, about 6 threatening letters asking me to pay for vehicle damage or court (nothing came of this) The constant parking annoyance (going on a couple of years) The loud music, witnessed by Env heath officer but not quite loud enough for notice, so letters sent. Paint 'accidentally' spilled on road outside my property (because was parked over our drive at time) Letters about rubbish outside my own garage at rear of properties and the 4 screws attaching bamboo to his fence. Then reported me for fly tipping, didnt go anywhere as officer agreed wasn't causing an issue. I have since sorted the screws and bamboo and idiots fence is literally falling apart. Concreting over 1/4 of my grass in rear lane whilst doing own part. Stupid things like having a BBQ and the parasol sticking way over the fence into my garden. All very subtle and annoying things to cause issues, without quite breaking the law.   The council are aware and claim powerless as own properties and the police pretty much are not interested.   What can be done?    Cheers   E!              
    • Hi, any thoughts on this would be greatful, will send tomorrow i think.. letter_15th_oct.pdf
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In 2008 I took out a loan from Welcome Finance for £4k


later in the year I was forced to stop work due to failing health severe osteoarthritis and severe asthma ( had two bouts of potentially fatal asthma).


I defaulted on the loan and had numerous phone calls & visits to my home from representatives of welcome.

I was on DLA and my only means of support was from an occupational pension.


It still is my only means of support as I do not qualify for any benefits because of the pension.


I moved away from the area to a different county to be closer to my family in case anything should happen to me.


I had enough on my plate dealing with my illnesses so the Welcome Loan became one of my least problems.


In November this year I receive a fishing letter from Mackenzie hall at my current home asking if I was the person living at that address.


This I ignored since then on the 30th November I received the following letter:-

Pursuers Cattles

Original Creditor Welcome Finance

Sum £5130.50




Dear xxxx

Despite correspondences you have failed to respond. We have obtained this alternative address from a financial link from a credit reference agency.


We have been instructed by our client Catttles to recover this overdue account on their behalf.


Our clients have informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason why this has not been paid

and although an amicable settlement would be preferred they would not hesitiate to take further action as appropriate.


We trust that this will not be necessary and request payment by


Payment deadline Noon 3rd December 2012


If you have made payment or have any issue then please ring 0844 411 5669 quoting ref XXXX


If you are not the person above then please contact us on the number above quoting Address ID XXXX


What du you suggest I do as I cannot afford to repay them that sort of money.


They have only got my address from a third party as I have not reponded to any of the letters received from them.


Please can anyone offer best course of action to take.

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If this was me I'd continue to ignore unless they send anything but Court papers. That is just another phishing letter.

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Ignore for now as above. why have they not actioned thru courts etc before now after all this time?

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pes details removed from PDF





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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