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HELP.......what do i do now??

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here is the situation


18 months ago i seperated from my wife,


selling my house and going it alone,


this left me in £20,000 worth of debt,



barclays and



before we split up my wife and i did details of expenditure to all concerned and as a token payment i was paying £1 a month to each

as i am self employed and some weeks didn't earn a penny


i was still making £1500 a month mortgage repayments even though my wife wasn't working after the birth of our daughter


the breakup itself was very stressfull and in the move paperwork was filed away


i never notified my creditors of my new address as the money was being paid every month,


i am even now on a limited income as a carpenter

the building trade is very quiet at the moment

i have my own van and tools i also have tools for maintaining my vehicle too,


just when i thought things were going up ward for once


i get a letter from Credit Soloutions Ltd saying that they are going to send a doorstep collector to recover the debt

i have looked into this firm via google and the reports i see don't make me feel too good 'Strong arm Tactics' was one quote,


i am in a rented house that was fully furnished i moved here with nothing apart from my van, tools and some clothes and a few pictures,

it is only rec

ently that i have been given a computer by one of my good friends,

there is with the property one garage and two stables

the owner of the house has the use of these not me

are these at risk from being forceably opened?


my phone is ringing off the hook sometimes for 20 mins and i suspect that this is them


please help as i am at a loss as to what to do now and am feeling like a prisoner in my own 'rented' home.....

Regards Ant.

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A doorstep collector has no more rights than a Gypsy selling pegs, they can take nothing from your property nor can the enter it without your permission. For anyone to do either they would need a court order & have to be a licensed HCEO.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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You are under no obligation to speak to them or let them on to the property, they cannot force entry or take or levy on goods.

Your van tools of your trade are protected any way, in the event that the creditor takes a court claim and wins, you would still have to fail to meet the judgement order before bailiffs could be instructed.

The owners property is not at risk either.


Write to the Compliance Manager at Credit Solutions and demand that all phone contact must cease and all contact must bewritting from now on.


the next time they call just state in ''writting only'' and hang up.

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Ok thankyou very much for your help i will keep you informed


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If it is these little children ringing then you have ALL of the laws on your side.


Keep a diary of events regarding these calls, and if they are ringing more than once a day, every day, then take your diary of events to your local police station and file a report for the criminal offence of harassment.


Report them to the OFT & Ofcom.


When they ring, laugh and hang up, if they persist, just say 'everything in writing' then laugh and hang up.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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