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    • Then we are agreed that people come here to a job that supports them, not to open door benefits?      
    • This is exactly what it says on the claim, which I believe are vague : Brief details of claim                                                                                                                         Unpaid claims management fees in accordance with the attached invoice   Please can someone check over our defence. Any hep comments greatly appreciated.       The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague   1. it is denied that any amounts are due under any contractual agreement. On receipt of this claim   We requested information pertaining to this claim from the Claimants Solicitors by way of a CPR 31:14 request sent via 1st class recorded post on 7th November 2019.   To date we have not received the requested information.   Therefore with the court’s permission the Claimant is put to strict proof to   a) show and disclose how the Defendant owes the amount in the claim; reference S-1002591 from the FSCS confirming the rejection. Letter from the claimant dated 8th October 2019 confirming the above   b) show and disclose how the Claimant has reached the amount claimed for;   c) provide a copy of the agreement and Terms and Conditions;   d) provide copies of telephone conversation with Michael Cooper 10th July 2019 and 1st November 2019   e) copy of the signed acceptance form for any redress from Eurosail   (a, c, and d, requested in the Pre Action Protocol returned to the claimant solicitor/director on the 25th September 2019)       2. As per Civil Procedure Rule 16.5 (4) it is expected that the Claimant prove the allegation that the money is owed.
    • But only if you remortgage with a new creditor and not the original mortgagee
    • CC told me they don't have a copy of the claim because it got sent out and that's it, they do not have a copy on file. And that I was given claim particulars (text) and I don't need the claim form to submit a n244    Correct MCOL do not retain hard copy of the actual N1...just the text particulars of claim/Claim number/Amounts/Claimants details...there is nothing further on the N1 required. . The other 2 people also said I do not need the original claim form to submit n244    I would have to agree...as long as you have the particulars of claim text.....the date ...claim number.....the amounts and the claimants name....should suffice.   Andy
    • A claim, or as the claims company have advised me, a product information request was supposedly submitted to Barclays in May of this year.....to date I have not had any acknowledgement from Barclays and more worryingly when I have rung Barclays PPI helpline who were very helpful, been told they have no record of anything lodged in any format...Should I be concerned that the claims company have not actually submitted anything or is it normal to have no standard letter from the bank?     
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Barnet Council PCN Notice - 27 Parked in a Special Enforcement...

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Have received 2 x PCN notices for parking next to a dropped kerb.


Had no idea that this was not allowed.


I have attached the photos from the first PCN notice so you can see what the score is.


The car is parked next to a dropped kerb. You will see from the photos that we took care not to obstruct the persons driveway.


When collecting the PCN a member of the public on the street advised that the family which own the house have a disabled daughter and that is why the kerb is there. As you can see the drive is not obstructed.


What can I do to appeal against this? £55 x 2 seems very harsh and I am surprised there are no signs warning people not to park there.









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Why 2 PCN's? Were they on the same or consecutive days?


You will see from the photos that we took care not to obstruct the persons driveway.
Except that's not the contravention alleged, it's adjacent to a dropped footway , which you admit.


I am surprised there are no signs warning people not to park there.
Dropped kerbs either pedestrian or driveway crossovers do not require signage, although there is an advisory white line in this case

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Issued on consecutive days.


The kerb was dropped to allow easy access to the householders driveway.


Both of the driveways were easily accessible. I know this isn't what the contravention is but that is the intention of the dropped kerb.


They are not obstructed.

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