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    • Having never been to court I am quite apprehensive and need to understand what I am saying Can you give any indication how it will work - what I will need to say etc. Also I don't understand everything as I was helped to write my defence ie.   1.  Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 2.  Locus Stands - the claimant is not the landowner - can I have the arguments why not being the landowner means he has know authority to issue a ticket - surely he is employed by the landowner? 3.  Bristol Airport is covered by bye-laws, a traffic violation should be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court, a private company can't replace the police or magistrates - can you elaborate - what bye-law - any previous arguments on this point? 4.  How do we know the claimant has not obtained planning permission for their signs which is a criminal offence (is it, why?) and makes it impossible to have formed a contract with the driver - what does this mean exactly? 5.  How is the claimant claiming the debt, legal costs and an extra invented sum as an attempt at double recovery which invalidates the whole claim?  How does it invalidate the claim?   Thanks  
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    • Hi,   Just after a second opinion hoping anyone here can help with.   I was involved in a no fault incident where another driver sped by and hit my driver side wing mirror while i was parked and completely broke it off. The driver did not stop and just continued to speed off. I managed to get the other cars reg just in time.   I made a claim to my insurance (Admiral) and they told me the other driver is also with them. This was 2 weeks ago and they have been trying to get hold of the other driver to establish liability but they have not been responding.   Admiral told me i can use the excess on my policy to pay to repair my car and also for legal expenses and then claim it back once they have reached a conclusion as to liability - or alternatively they can return my car to my home un-repaired again until liability is established. I asked them how long this could take and they didn't give me any timescale.   Looking at the terms from Admiral Law they said this case can take up to a maximum of 18 months till i can get my money back.   I'm not too happy about this prospect and i've lost hope that the other party will ever respond or admit liability.   I'm starting to feel i'm not getting the service i paid for from Admiral. I'd rather not have to pay anything and wait for over a year to get my money back.   I reported this to the police who haven't been too helpful either.   I guess my question is is this standard procedure for every insurance company? Am i just going to have to accept it and pay for repair and go through the enormous headache of making a legal case on the 3rd party or should Admiral really be stepping in to cover all this which is what i paid them for?     
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    • Thanks for your long reply. Breaking down your points...   1) First flight was in fact delayed to the point that even if the second flight was not changed, I will still miss it anyway. However, it probably don't matter here. Like you said, a bot (or system) did not spot the problem is quite strange.   2) Offering me an alternative, 20h before the flight, when I got my next day planned, is not exactly an alternative. I understand that the cut off date is 2 weeks before where their liability ends? If less than 2 weeks, the odds is in my favour?    3) Yes, I kept the receipts but no I did not stay at an airport hotel as non are suitable for me as I was travelling with a 2 & 5 yo (also the reason that some of the alternatives they offered were not suitable/possible) so I need a 4 pax family room.   4) I did ask but the person on the phone said I need to contact Customers Relationsion (or something like that, basically a claim?) as he is only responsible for rebooking. I did ask again at check in and was told the same.   5) Yes, I kept all the receipts and paid on card, so the payments are all on one statement.   6) I may consult TS on this, they did help me along with my Section 75/Chargeback for a dodgy booking for this very same trip. It is just a little embarrassing to keep asking them as they are also going to assist me in a historic claim now. Perhaps CAB or something?  
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I am currently running a group called Justice4jobseekers.


We aim to help highlight the damage done by the current tyranny that laughably calls itself a government to those who are affected by unemployment and more specifically,

the draconian and unfair changes to the benefit system.


In time, we want to organise protests and other action across the UK.


For now, we need to get the word out that we exist.


Please offer your support by joining my page on facebook. You can find the link in my profile.



Your help and support will be greatly appreciated.

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Good luck but sorry I think your group is missing the point, at least politically.


This country is not run by this or that government but by the banking system. Take for example the Governor of the Bank of England, who has been put there by Goldmann Sachs, same as the Governor of the European Central Bank and many Prime Ministers in Europe.


It's because the banking system is not allowed to default that the vulnerable in this country, the poor, the sick and the unemployed, have to pay the bill for them.


If the big banks and the housing market were allowed to default, there would be no need for austerity measures. People would be able to buy houses at an affordable price, small companies would be able to employ and there would be less unemployment and less bashing of the poor. My opinion for what it is worth.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for Poundland"

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Heya San,


No, I haven't missed the point. I agree fully with what you are saying. I have known for some time now that our political system has been hijacked by the corporations and super-wealthy and in an ideal world I could fight all aspects of that situation but sadly, my time is limited and I can only do so much.


One thing I do know is that many on jobseekers allowance and other benefits, espceially where I am, do not have a voice to speak on their behalf. They are put through the mill of benefit reform, getting their benefit sanctioned for trivial reasons and are still expected to jump through hoops with their jobsearches as so to avoid another benefit sanction, which is a bit silly because if you have no money, are not eating and worried about where the next meal is coming from, then how can you satisfactorily be seeking work? Postage stamps cost money. Bus fares costs money. Petrol costs money. Many aspects of looking for work costs money.


I would love to take on the might of the puppet masters behind the government but I have chosen to speak up for those who are often on the bottom rungs of the ladders in society.


Thanks for your reply. It is refreshing to see others can see what I see and that I am not alone in my own observations.

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Being honest, I'm pretty sure there's no need for austerity measures regardless of whether or not the banks are allowed to default. Even the IMF have finally admitted that austerity is damaging and makes the economy worse.


Facebook groups and protests let people know that they're not alone in seeing the injustice and wanting to do something about it. There are many groups that are slowly coming together and getting things done. There's a lot going on all across the country and one day soon people will look back on what's happening today and realise that there was actually a revolution in progress.

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There is a vacancy for a modern day Watt Tyler. You sound like a good candidate, so I'll check out your facebook page. I see what you see. I personally think everybody (EVERYBODY) should put down what tools are still available and show these idiots that enough is enough. Oh I hear you say, what about the hospitals, the elderly, the police, the fire brigade? So what? Let the bloody govt have a real issue to contend with for once.


I do not want to continue to watch children being further deprived, people being beaten up financially because there is no work, being forced out of life long homes because they have one extra bedroom, being left to rot in their homes because the care is being withdrawn.


But most of all I hate to see one part of society being set against the other in our country. Right at the start of his reign (Cameron, I don,t mention the other fool, waste of breath) he went after our Forestry Commision, remember? And he was swiftly and firmly smacked down by the public. This was an important issue, of course. I would now like to see the same united front with all the other little "Cameron issues" that are actually causing PEOPLE to die.

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I hope you are not taking too much notice of other peoples negativity. I think the site is a good idea. I recently had an issue but they had interpretted the guidance incorrectly. If you are going to be sanction in the first week you loose benefit for that week if it is in the second week you can be sanctioned for three weeks. Then they mislaid all my new claim and hardship forms. After 4 weeks they overid the system and just credited my account!!

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