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Hello everyone,


I phoned my council today in regards to my arrears, I knew I hadn't paid them for a while as I wasn't in a financially sound position to do so, I wanted to get my account number to set up a standing order so I would pay them £130/4 weekly (I am paid 4 weekly).

I had already received a Liability Order, and to be honest, I'd ignored it and stuck my head in the sand. My own fault.


So I phoned them, and they told me I couldn't pay, it had been passed to the bailiffs. I have not received a letter that my account had been passed to a bailiff company.

I phoned the bailiff company and they said I wasn't allowed to make payments, they wanted the amount (£1872) in full, or I could arrange the for bailiff to visit me and perhaps they will agree to a payment plan (would you like to make an appointment? "Um, no thanks.").


The bailiff company asked me where I worked and I did not tell them.


I realise that £130 per month is not a large amount of money however I am not a big earner (I work in retail) and I am supporting both myself and my fiance who is here on a visa thus cannot work at the moment. I might, in the coming months be able to stretch to £160 or so.


I phoned the council back and asked if they would take the debt back and was told no, I had to deal with the bailiff only.

I have since paid £130 via the Santander BillPay system to my council account which was accepted, as I want to show that I am willing to start to make payments, just not to the bailiffs. I will not let them enter my flat.


I was just looking for advice, is there anything more I can do than start to make regular payments to bring the balance down directly to the council?


Thank you everyone.

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It's your money and up to you who you pay. As you have found out you can pay the Council and I would say keep doing so. If possible I would try & pay weekly, say £10 every Thursday for example - this quickly builds a payment history. You may also need to budget extra for lawful Bailiff Fees which providing you deny them access to your home or prevent them levying on goods outside will be capped at £42-50 in total. Whatever happens if & when they call do NOT under any circumstances allow them in to your home.

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Thanks for the advice. I can't really afford to pay extra this month so I shall try to pay weekly starting from my next pay day.

Assuming that the bailiffs aren't allowed access to my home; I've also moved my car, despite living in a large block of flats I don't want to take the risk of it being clamped and or towed. It's on a PCP finance but I don't doubt they'll take it.


If the bailiffs have no joy, I presume they'll give the debt back to the council - will their charges of £42.50 still stand?

Is it worth e-mailing my chancellors to see if they can assist in getting the council to take the debt back?


Thanks again.

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