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    • June Mummery, a Brexit Party MEP, has just woken up to the fact that leaving Europe gives us less control over fisheries. From her Twitter feed.   Attending the penultimate session of the #EuropeanParliament’s #FisheriesCommittee #PECHcommittee) with #BritishMEPs. The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?
    • I'm afraid my response is going to be a bit more doom and gloom than my site team colleague. I'm afraid the principle of "buyer beware" is a pretty old principle and it doesn't always protect the private seller. However, I think you will have to wait and see what they come back to you about in writing. My understanding so far – as you don't even seem to know their address or who they are – is that everything has been done on the telephone. If they decide to come back at you in writing with a list of defects and am afraid we will have to look at it carefully because although you won't be particularly affected by consumer protection legislation, there are still basic rules of contract which could protect the purchaser. I'm sorry also to give a bit of a slapped wrist here, because the selling of vehicle in the circumstances without even ascertaining the identity of the purchaser and without keeping the necessary documents to inform the DVLA of the new ownership is highly irresponsible. I suppose this is going to put the frighteners on you – but you had better be aware of the possibilities. The first thing that occurs to me is that this vehicle may have been bought by a trader who was anxious not to add any more owners to the vehicle because that would reduce the value even more. Therefore you might have some fairly unscrupulous trader selling your vehicle on to another private purchaser who themselves may not properly register the vehicle so that if it attracts any parking fines or any other attention from agencies, could come back to you as you are the registered owner. You would be able to deal with this problem eventually but it would certainly be complicated. Also an extreme scenario is that the vehicle could eventually be used for unlawful purposes – and once again the registration leads back to you. I think that your daughter had better read the thread and had better take the lesson. As I have said, the use of the vehicle for some unlawful purpose is probably an extreme idea and is unlikely to happen. However, the idea that the vehicle has been bought by trader who wants to conceal the fact that it has had an additional purchaser – him/herself – is a highly possible scenario. You haven't told us anything about the vehicle – what is it, model, make, mileage, condition, price, – and also how was advertised, where was advertise, and what claims did you make for it. I do hope you don't hear anything more about this problem that you better give us all the information and if there is any fallout as a result of what your daughter is done then of course come back here and will it be very pleased to try and help you. In the meantime I would suggest that you contact DVLA and tell them that you have now parted company with the vehicle and that it is no longer yours. Even though you won't be able to give them the identity of the new owner, you better put it on record. I'm not sure if it's an offence not to have the details of the new owner and to pass them on to DVLA – but I would suggest anyway, that you tell DVLA. Before you start doing this though, standby for maybe one or two other people to contribute to this thread and to disagree with me. I think you need to have a range of opinions on this.
    • Ok , mine is  55, it's old but they were fixing these under warranty when the cars were brand new.  Aside from that the car is super reliable.
    • Can you tell us the name of the dealership please?   HB
    • Ahh ok, yup, when I sent my SAR to Natwest, they included everything going all the way back to the year 2000, Current accounts, Credit Cards everything. So be prepared for information overload.
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Hi wondering if anyone could help me here


My boyfriend lent one of his cars, around two months ago to his friend who crashed the car in a drunken accident and was subsequently arrested and prosecuted. (Thankfully he was insured) The car was written off and was completely wrecked. The car was impounded by the police and after my boyfriend telephoned them to find out what was happening. He paid the £200 storage fee price and then received a letter from a scrap company which I'm guessing work in conjuction with the police about their intention to scrap the vehicle.


He informed his insurance company about what had happened with the vehicle, and then he bought an old banger to insure on the same policy!, He didn't inform the dvla about what had happened to the car, and he assumed that the scrapping company would have told them about the circumstances.


Anyway the written off vehicle's tax was due to run out on October 30th, around November 17th he recieved a letter from the dvla about a final reminder to tax the vehicle or make a sorn. He telephoned the dvla to explain the scenario and they advised him to post details about everything. He wrote them a letter and enclosed the reciept sent to him by the scrapping company. The DVLA told him that in 4 weeks time he should get a confirmation letter.


What has worried me is however, after speaking to a number of people, and seeing some posts on here that he might be a liable for a fine. And knowing what a stubborn kind of person he is if he refuses to pay it Magistrate Summons. I'm not totally clued up here on all this some if anybody could enlighten me that would be brilliant!!!!



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