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I currently have a number of payday lenders and have been through the mill borrowing to cover interest, cancelling direct debits for council tax, on a continuous cycle.


Eventually just snapped and decided to contact each of my lenders to advise of financial difficulty. Simply couldn't go on any longer paying interest and reborrowing, and now have final demands on council tax and the likes - danger!


Mr Lender - Cannot believe how understanding they were, plan agreed immediately


Lending Stream - A couple of useless customer reps on the phone but in the end 11 month plans agreed!


Payday Express - Told me I didn't meet their criteria of 'hardship' over the telephone despite my ignored emails. Told me that someone would need to be dead, and I would need to have no money for a funeral and no job! Enraging! I quoted a few pieces of recent legislation and requested that they refrained from trivialising my circumstances, then challenged them on their right to define the word 'hardship' and asked whether the feel that in court they would be sided with, and accused them of attempting to manipulate standard terms to avoid current lending codes of practice. They then 'as an act of goodwill' offered me a repayment plan and told me they were always looking to learn from these experiences. So in the end I have an affordable plan. I was quite worried when I saw all the terrible dealings people have been having with this company.


Wonga - Very professional and helpful


TxtLoan - Also excellent in helping


PaydayUK - Very professional in helping too


I now need to try and sort something with 247moneybox - anyone had any dealings with them? I'd be happy to spread my loan over the next 4-5 months to clear it.


Come March/April I will finally be out of this eternal loop. I have been trapped in th cycle for about 18 months. Nasty!

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well played! absolutely well played. I reckon 4 - 5 month plan will be easy to setup with Money box.. i mean with your luck!! I trust you have all in writing and are paying them direct or from secondary account...

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I have everything in writing confirming my plans. Mr Lender's one doesn't even include any interest :)


Think that organising the repayment plan a couple of weeks in advance of the due date definitely helps. Pretty sure my credit rating is looking like a slapped ass though.

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Just logged onto lending stream to check my repayment plans and can you believe this... the option is now there for me to take out ANOTHER loan. That would be 8 with the same lender... I even told them I didn't want there to be that option available.


Thank goodness I have the power to stay away from that dangerous button.

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Hi Oceanic83,


Yes, stay away from that button. I would not even log in to the page, just keep paying them your rate of the repayment plan. Lending Stream tend to change the amounts you have outstanding, even if you are on a repayment plan, from time to time, so ignore your account status on their side and just keep paying the agreed repayment rate, and keep the email confirmation of the repayment plan!


Regarding 24/7 moneybox I was only able to agree a 2-month repayment plan (which is the shortest one I negotiated with all my lenders), but that was back in February this year, so things might have changed in the meantime...

24/7 Moneybox: 195.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

British Pearl/Spondoolies: 752.10 - Oustanding: 0.00

Cash on go/Peachy: 206.30 - Oustanding: 0.00

EarlyPayday: 325.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

Lending Stream: 1398.46 - Oustanding: 0.00

MicroLend: 780.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

Minicredit: 520.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

MonthEndMoney/PaydayUK: 937.50 - Oustanding: 0.00

MrLender: 715.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

Pounds2Pocket: 2328.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

QuickQuid: 1800.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

SafeLoans: 450.50 - Oustanding: 0.00

Speed-E-Loans: 516.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

SwiftSterling: 1295.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

Toothfairy Finance: 544.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

TxtLoan: 450.00 - Oustanding: 0.00

WageDayAdvance: 670.80 - Oustanding: 0.00

Wonga: 1336.86 - Oustanding: 0.00

Total: 15220.52 - Oustanding: 0.00

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