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All i need some help,


the bailiffs visited my house with a distress warrant for my ex boyfriend.


He no longer lives at my property which i informed them, and they told me unless he pays in full they will enter my property with a locksmith

and I would have to go to the auctioneers with proof at a later date that the goods are mine.


They said they have my address as his address so will be breaking in as this is a distress warrant and apparently with this type they have the right to.


I have emailed Marstons with a copy of my water bill to show only my name is on it and to tell them he does not live with me.


Is there anything more i can do to keep them away as I have a feeling they will be back this week :(

thanks in advance for any help


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Hello and welcome to CAG.


I'll move your thread to the bailiffs forum, where I expect the guys will be able to help you. They're very good. :)


I'll leave a short term link here for you.


My best, HB

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You can tell them to go away if you have sent proof of non residence, technically they could say they will break in if it is a magistrates court fine, but in reality if they did and no sign of debtor, they would then be on a sticky wicket.


If they call whislt you are in you don't have to answer the door, and film them through a letterbiox to capture any threats. A lone woman would be best advised to not open the door to Marstons as they are noted for assaulting debtors then claiming the victim assaulted them.


Others will be along with more focused advice soon.

We could do with some help from you.



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As you have provide proof to them and told him the x does not live there they wont be breaking in

it is not a case of going to the auctioneers to prove anything all he is after is cash and thinks he can intimidate you to pay


Not your debt so your goods are safe


as above if they do return you can ignore door or tell them where to go

Bailiffs lie so don't believe there dribble

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If you know where he is you could always tell them!


If you don't want to do as above then I would suggest you go to a solicitor - no appointment usually needed - and swear a Statutory Declaration that all property in your home is yours. Although Court fines carry a forced entry provision this is for persisitent offenders and they should have an additional Order allowing them to do this. As brassnecked has pointed they will look rather silly having been told anyway.

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