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I just had a rude pile of crap talk to me on the phone....



In short (as a follow on from what I posted before but different thing)


The hospital screwed up 3 times... thus investigation for complaint is taking more than double the time they quoted.


I apply for refund of train fare which I am entitled to... their head office even send me exception forum....



Visit 1: Told to bring someone with me, Op would happen - Op delayed

Visit 2: As above

Visit 3: Operation under general anaesthetic done

Visit 4: Checkup, again was told to bring someone with me in case anything else needed to be done.




Claiming money back has been a pain. They finally phone today stating they are not paying for the person who came with me, because they believe I didnt need someone with me.


Couldnt give too much info as my main info is locked to a complaint procedure. They are refusing to pay this persons money back...


even though


1: I was told each time I need someone to accompany me

2: It was a general anaesthetic procedure which confirms they need someone to accompany me


She was a total bitch on phone, saying im not entitled any money back for the person that came with me as they should not of been with me (wtf... general anaesthetic = someone must accompany you)



I told her theres a complaint procedure opened against them, which sums it all up but she couldnt care less, said I wont be getting money for the person who was instructed to come with me.


Whats next?

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'You can claim travel costs for an escort, if your doctor, dentist or consultant says that for medical reasons you need someone to travel with you'




In short it looks like youll need a letter , maybe from your gp saying that a escort was needed.

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thanks for help but thing is...


My hospital is in my town, hospital I was referred to was in another town.


They gave me the wrong dr's notes... was for someone else... not me... So my GP is still not aware as to what is wrong with me until the complaint procedure is resolved with PALS.


I was referred there by my hospital. They ignored what my hosp said was wrong and delayed op twice.




I mean for a general anesthetic op they always say you have to have someone with you.... I had someone with me but hosp claims department say that I didnt need anyone with me (Wrong of course since with any general anesthetic op, you need someone with you).

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Social factors



The patient must understand the planned procedure and postoperative

care and consent to day surgery.


Following most procedures under general anaesthesia, a responsible

adult should escort the patient home and provide support for the first


24 h.


The patient’s domestic circumstances should be appropriate for

postoperative care.


on page 4


Hope that helps.

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Awesome, that is excellent, Im doing another email to them now stating that they are talking rubbish (in a nice way of course)

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Right... update if anyone can help...


Emailed PALS on 28th November, since they are dealing with my main complaint. Told them those things, all they said was they would pass the info on to people dealing with my complaint. Nothing heard back since.


Does anyone think its time to get legal help involved? Even 1 of those no win no fee places (dont mind if they take a bigger cut out of my payout)


Not just about the train fare issue, but in regards to the whole thing. The complaint to PALS about all the wrong things the hospital did and misdiagnosis was made nearly 2 months ago, they quoted 1 month until I get a result of investigation, but still nothing and if I email them i'm told the result will be sent soon.


My ESA payments are also screwed and I havent got a penny as I still don't have my correct doctors notes I specifically asked for in part of the complaint, its too close to 3 months since my injury too and ESA only backpay for 3 months

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