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Orange/Arrow Global/Rossendales/Frederick International

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In 2007 I took out an orange contract, but only had it for 11 days after my company offered me a company mobile phone.


So I cancelled the contract within 14 days and sent back the phone in an envelope ORANGE supplied me to send them phone back in...

After that I heard nothing from orange.


Last year - October 2011 - I received a letter from a company called Frederickson International who were acting on behalf of Arrow Global at my new address

that advised I owed a communications bill to the value of £220

- I wrote back to them and advised them I knew nothing about it and could they send me a breakdown of the bill.

I received a letter back saying they wont be persuing the debt any further...


In March 2012 - I received a letter chasing the same debt from a company called Rossdales

- who again, were acting on behalf of Arrow Global and this £220 i supposedly owe.


I advised them of the communications I had with Frederickson and they referred me back to Arrow Global.


In July 2012 i applied for a mortgage with a high street lender and it got declined.

Due to an unsettled default notice on my credit file by a company called Arrow Global in October 2010.


I sent Arrow Global a SAR to find out what the debt is and they sent me the details but with NO breakdown of what exactly the debt is for

- saying they would be unable to send me an itemised bill of the calls I made in the 11 day period I had the phone as Orange wouldn't no longer keep that information.


I called ORANGE and since July 2012 have spoken to 10 different people.


5 of which say there is no outstanding balance,

and most recently after begging they look back at my history and provide me the details,

saying I wont come off the phone untill they investigate it properly crying etc etc..

. - they are now saying I didn't return the phone.


I reminded them that i sent the phone back in a pre paid envelope that ORANGE had sent me

(they have a record of sending me the envelope)


I was asked if i had the receipt/proof of postage...

. Of course I don't, it was 2007.


They told me from the IMEI number they can see that the phone was only used for 11 days and then it was stopped and the IMEI was never blacklisted.


So im guessing whats happened here is, they think I never returned the phone

- they sold the debt to Arrow Global and in 2010 ARROW applied a default notice against my name

- but how?


I never received any correspondence about ANY of this.

.. nothing for 4 years and then suddenly Im lumbered with this..


. Im a single working mum of two who is trying to buy a house and I cant even get a high street lender

so Im going to be stung with a massive fee and a high interest rate. I dont even know what to do.


.. Ive already lost a house to an alternative buyer because i just cant afford the fee to get a mortgage because I have "bad credit"....



Please help...

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i would suspect that the orginally the default was placed by orange


then they sold the debt to arroes


when that happens


their name gets sustituted in the OC's place.


if it was 2007 the orange will still have all the info.


formal letter ofcomplaint to the CEO of orange me thinks.


it is really really WRONG


that a mobile phone debt


prevents a family from bettering themselves.


who do they think they are!!





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I agree with DX.

I would be telling whomever is chasing that if the default is not removed then you will seek legal advice.

I would also write to the CRA in question to place a 'notice of correction' against the default whilst also disputing it.


It may be that you will have to send a SAR to Orange to get all your data which might help in ascertaining who has cocked up. The SAR should show whether they received the phone or not

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Thank you, I really appreciate your responses. I have sent an email to the executive.office a torange.com and will write a formal letter to the CEO tonight.

According to the 8th person I spoke to (out of 10) Orange have no recollection of receiving the phone back... but they can see that the phone has not been used since I terminated the contract... I told them, I sent the phone back in an envelope they sent me... there is no way I have a copy of any receipt as I have moved houses 3 times since then - they said they would call me back, that was over 10 days ago, Im still waiting for the call.


Its really killing me as I was hoping to have a new home for my family before christmas but couldn't get a mortgage.

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