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The Assessment Process

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Hi Guys… I hope some of you are still around for a bit of advice here ? As what I’ve read so far is some good stuff, and the rights being righted from “The Assessment Process”




I’ve had a 30% assessment for the past 28 years. It was awarded “For Life” I took this as being a done deal and could not be changed. I visited my doctors as throughout the years my condition has de-graded year on year to a point I told my GP I’m thinking of giving up work as I’m just not coping now with the pain and my hours are reduced to a point I’m basically paying to go to work. My GP said, have you not been assessed through the DWP asI’m sure the 30% would be increased to a much higher rate now ? I replied “I didn’t know it could be changed, as it was for life ! He added, I’d look into it as it could give you more money….




I rang the DPW and enquired and sure enough I could be re-assessed.


My question is, with all the trying to get people off iidb is, do I run the risk of it being reduced ? I say this after reading in here your problems with the medical examiner and the DWP !




As my award is for life, can they not change it ? But, only increase it !




To be honest I wish I’d never enquired now as I’m worried sick of it being decreased or even losing it by the stories in here…


I rang the DWP and tried to get answers to my questions but couldn’t get any, but "you stand it being re-assessed, at a lower rate" !




Many Thanks guy’s… :|

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I'd like to say you've got nothing to worry about if you've got good medical evidence to support you but I'm afraid you do risk either losing your benefit or having it reduced if recent events are anything to go by.


I got mine back after a lengthy wait for a Tribunal with the excellent support of my local CAB but the intervening wait did nothing for my state of mind.


At least you've found CAG so there's a source of advice and information here which may help you should you need it.


Wishing you all the best healthwise and DWP wise.

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Many Thanks…

I have read the torment the medical and DWP can produce withthe reports in here !

Going by Logic, I’ve been told that since my award was forlife, it cannot be overturned. It, inone sense, can be increased, but not reduced. I asked for it in writing before agreeing toa further medical but was then told “It’sjust an opinion and not a factual rule !”

Which makes it even more of a worry now …. Am I being set upfor a fall ?

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As way of an up-date...


I had my medical today and was very disappointed by the whole process to say the least !


I was always under the illusion that the doctors were of a retired nature, away to thank them for their service as a job after they retire ? Well the lasttime I had such a medical was some 18-20 years ago !


I was examined by a young "Polish Doctor" I'm sure she said it was Poland she was from ! I couldn't understand what she was asking or telling me to do, so much so, she had to bring in a "Chaperone" she called it.I'd call it interpreter ! It was in fact one of the English receptionist from the main entrance.


It just couldn't have started more worse for me as when both of us were standing she turned away from me and said pointing to her back, show where about does hurt you ? (In somewhat broken English) I pointed and touched her back where my pain was coming from...


She screeched, Don't touch me ! That was not very nice of you !!! Shaking her finger at me. I felt awful to say the least, and didn't know what to say,as I felt my face grow redder and redder. At that point the receptionist said, I thought too you meant show where, on your back, as you pointed to it, and since you were turned away, if he showed you on his back, you would not be able to see where he was pointing, as you were turned away !


God, I said thank you, and sighed as I thought she was going to bring some sort of class action against me for touching her mid-way down her back ?


(Don't worry, I didn't touch her anywhere were it could have been interpreted as a grope LOL)


The rest of the medical went very un-unnervingly !!!


I now await the DWP decision .... I'll up-date but with the way the medical went, I'm expecting to Appeal....




You couldn’t write a script for how the medical went !

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Well after all that ..... My Benefit stays the same. I know I was far worse than when I first was awarded it, yet for some reason, they claim I'm the same. I should think myself lucky as some have had theirs reduced or taken away ....


I could appeal.... but to be honest, I can't be bothered to go through the process !


So I guess you'll know what to expect now ...

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Hi UncleBuck4U,


I've started a new thread for you.






Any advice I give is honest and in good faith.:)

If in doubt, you should seek the opinion of a Qualified Professional.

If you can, please donate to this site.

Help keep it up and active, helping people like you.

If you no longer require help, please do what you can to help others

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