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Mum Took Credit Out In My Name

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Me, my mum, dad and brother moved house a while ago.


A few months after moving, I was rejected for credit,


I decided to check my credit score.


During the application process with Experian, I was asked whether I had taken out an account with a catalogue around the time that we moved.

I had not, so I clicked no.


After this,

I had checked through my report and there was no outstanding debts on there.


However, this question from the application process obviously rung alarm bells and


I confronted my mum who finally admitted to taking the credit out in my name before we moved.


Obviously, I was furious but she convinced me that I was being silly and that because it was not showing in my credit report that it will be fine.


After a year of letters and phone calls from debt collection agencies,


I received a letter stating a CCJ would be taken out against me.


This really scared me and after begging my mum, she said that she will sort it.


Well she didn't, and when checking my Experian report today there it finally was:

a DEFAULT for over £1,000.

Now my credit score is the lowest you can get.


I've told my mum about this and she clearly has no interest in paying it.


family domestics aside,

what can I do?


If I pay the £1,000 off, won't the default still be on my name and effect my score regardless?


Is there any way I can transfer the debt to her name?


I am really stressed about this as I have only just graduated and my credit has been ruined before I've even had a chance to get any!


Apologies for the long post too.

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you are in a bit of a sticky situation here


its fraud!!


even if paid, it still will hit you for 6yrs.


i wonder if a pleading letter tothe company concerned might work from mother


get the account ownership changed


then it might get removed





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I'm afraid that the only solution will be to put your mother in the frame for this.

This could have serious consequences for her - and also serious consequences for the family relationship.


It is very tough. You will have to do some serious talking with your mother - and you will have to decide if you are going to continue to take the fall for this or not.


I doubt that the CRA would be satisfied with anything else than a conviction before they agree to correct their files

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Strictly, the catalogue company is the victim of fraud and if you deny the debt and claim it as fraud, then they could choose to go to the police. They might do nothing, because it's admin for them too. If you are upfront with them then they might agree to remove the account, but it's within their power really.


The important thing is to defend the county court claim if it ever comes, because you do not want a CCJ on your credit record for yet another 6 years from the date of judgement. As a last resort, if you do get a CCJ, they don't get registered if paid within 28 days.


Otherwise the default will fall off in 6 years.

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Thank you all for your help.


If I pay the default, then even though it stays on my account, would it help my credit rating somewhat more than a default that has not been satisfied?


Could I write them a letter begging them to remove the default if I pay the amount in full? I would have to do borrow money from people to do this, but I just want it off my name now!

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I also have one more bit to add:


Yesterday I called up Experian to cancel my membership. When on the phone, the man asked me whether there are "variations" of my old address. I told him that sometimes the block and the flat number got mixed around on forms. He said that there was another file with the same address but in a different format that he could see on the system. He said that whilst I cannot see the information on that file, lenders can. He then asked whether I would like for it to be added onto my report so I can see what's on there. Me, like an idiot, said ok. He then told me take a look before cancelling and if there is any issues with the report I should give them a call.


It was after this phone call that the default showed up on my report and my credit rating dropped. Does this make any difference to my situation?

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