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Lowell Portfolio AGAIN!!!!

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approx 7 year ago was in some serious problems with debt.


Eventually I decided to take nothing on credit, pay off what i could to debts i owed and ride out the 6 years and try and clear my history.


Ive almost come to completion of this period.


Infact i have approx 6 weeks left until the last default (£150) becomes statute barred.


I paid as much as i could on everything else and was left with this one and admittedly decided to ride this last one out.


Today i receive a letter from Lowlife claiming i owe them £420 for a T-Mobile account that i opened in 2003!!!!

It does not give a default date or anything and i honestly have no recollection of such an account.


Admittedly i was young back then and had various mobile phones with different providers and doubt i paid it longer than 6 month.


There is nothing on my credit report detailing this supposed debt either.


I do believe it is statute barred if such an account exists and wondering what i should do now.


This is totally disconnected from the £150 final default i have which becomes barred in 6 weeks and im a little puzzled why im receviing this now.


They also claim they got my details from a CRA however i can find no evidence of any searches on my account.


6 weeks away from becoming debt free and looking forward to getting on with my life and these buggers are now sending me letters that have me completely stumped

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If you can't remember the debt then the first step is to send a 'prove it' letter to Lowell. Adapt the one in the template library to suit. If/when they come back with something to prove the debt is yours and the amount is correct, you can think about sending a statute barred letter, since it undoubtedly is.


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Just send the standard prove it letter.




Perhaps they have the wrong person.

We could do with some help from you.



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