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BMW Sytner Drive NOT repairing my car. HELP Please!

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I really need help on this situation. Third party vehicle reversed out from the driveway and hit my car on the passenger side door, front wing, alloys and front bumper. They accepted liability. So called up my local BMW (Sytner BMW Chigwell) after my insurance company was failing sort out anything, local dealer gave me number for their accident management company "Sytner Drive".


Took my car to the local dealer Sytner BMW in Chigwell were lady from the body shop had a look at the car. she saw the damages and i also pointed out few other damages example suspension damage, stereo issue, air-bag sign as well as car steering towards the right and noises coming from the bottom the car while going over humps.


when to pick the car from the dealer after they said my car was fully repaired, on the way going home i noticed the car was still steering towards the right and something still scrapping bottom of the car while going over hump, stereo wasn't working and when i parked up i could see both front suspension wasn't equally level, as one was higher than the other. So called up my dealer they took the back. repaired the stereo but as anything else they are saying its not accident related because they believe the problem is not driver side suspension not the passenger. the garage done two geometry test, they couldn't find anything wrong with the suspension at first. so they inspected the vehicle found the problem. when spoke the engineer he tells me its possible wear and tear, could be problem with spring, wisbone and etc. he wouldn't be able to tell the exact fault on the suspension nor can he give me assessment report.


i know by applying little common sense to this, when my car got hit on the passenger side i felt the car move towards the right. straight after that while driving i went over the humps and started to hear scrapes on the bottom of the car. even if i drove my 1-5mph speed it still scrapes something in the bottom.


any help or advice would be much appreciated, plus i called financial ombudsmen and they cant help me on this.

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Hi maz, welcome to the forum.


Block up your car safely and have a look underneath. If something is scraping you should be able to see where.

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okay picked up the car from the body shop, i was told its scraping something call the gear slump.

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I have got the initial report that they done on the car before the body shop started on the work.


and it does not mention any damage or anything related to suspension, steering or anything such.

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If the gearbox is dragging on the ground, there is definately suspension trouble. To say there is nothing wrong when the gearbox is dragging on the ground shows incompetance or they haven't bothered to look or they haven't test driven it or all 3.


If the suspension is ok, then the engine/gearbox mountings must be damaged.

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okay, so after having phone conversation with them (body shop), they told me the damage is under tray underneath especially gearbox mount and as for suspension on the driver side, all they can they is suspension is damaged not exactly what is damaged.

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Re: Your Insured -


Date: Our Ref: Claim No.: Policy No.:


19th September 2012






In accordance with your instructions we confirm our inspection at Sytner Chigwell, 181 Forest Road, Hainault, Ilford, Essex, Ig6 3hz, (020 8500 1090), on 19th September 2012 and report as follows:-










2 Door Coupe Make/Model: BMW 325 I SE AUTO

Reg: C.C: 2996 Reg'd: 29/03/07 Manufactured:

Mileage: 43641 Colour: BLACK Fuel: PETROL Transmission: Automatic

Taxed: Audio: Extras:

Chassis Number:

Remaining Tyre Tread Depths (mm)


OSF: NSF: NSR: OSR: Steering: Brakes:

Condition: Good


Impact. The vehicle has suffered a Moderate blow, the point of impact is shown in the above diagram.


Damage. New Parts Required:- Butal Tape, L/f Door, L/f Door Insulation, L/f Lower Door Hinge, L/f Repeater Lamp, L/f Upper Door

Hinge, L/f Wing, L/lwr Door Seal, L/r In Lwr S-pnl Ext, L/r Lamp Seal, L/r Upp S/panel Brkt, Sound Pad X1.


Damage. Repairable parts:- Adjust L/f Door, Check And Clean Car, Check And Quality Control, Check And Road Test, Front Bumper

Cover, Strip + Retrim For Painting Of The.


Status. The extent of the damage rendered the vehicle technically immobile.


Temporary Repairs. In our opinion, temporary repairs would not be cost effective.


Repair Costs. An estimate for repairing the vehicle has been obtained from Sytner Chigwell, 181 Forest Road, Hainault, Ilford, , Essex, in the sum of £1142.60 plus the parts at Maker's list prices. Having calculated the time involved in this repair we consider this estimate to be reasonable. There is a specialist charge of £501.65. However the cost of the paint and materials would amount to £529.63, the cost of corrosion protection would be £17.56, the cost of the necessary new parts would be approximately £818.62 and the VAT liability on the total amount £602.01 giving a total repair cost of £3631.72 subject to undisclosed damage. Parts prices quoted are for guidance only and are subject to confirmation.


Labour Breakdown. MET/Panel 8.3, Paint 9.7.


Condition. The vehicle was found to be in good condition with lower than average recorded mileage.


Duration of Repairs. We anticipate that this repair will take some 4 working days to complete, subject to the availability of parts. Betterment Contribution. We do not consider that this repair will result in any appreciable improvement to the vehicle. Recovery/Storage. There are no recovery charges outstanding, according to our records, no storage charges are accruing.

Reserve. Whilst the total cost of this repair will be approximately £3631.72, we suggest that a reserve of £3693.93 will be adequate to cover your liability in the matter, subject to there being no excess.


Savings. Parts discount requested from the repairer but was refused in this case. The repairer have advised their hourly rate is contracted.






Registered in England 3131184





The UK's leading claims and technical support services provider


Page: 2 - Our Ref:




Action Taken. Having agreed reasonable repair costs we have authorised the repairers to proceed, on 19-09-2012, on your behalf.


Statement of truth I believe that the facts I have stated in this report are true and complete and that the opinions that I have expressed are correct. I understand my duty to the court and to the best of my ability I have complied with that duty.


We trust that the foregoing will be of assistance and we take this opportunity to enclose a note of our fee for your kind consideration.


Yours faithfully,




Michael Newton AMIMI, CII

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