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Npower debt - Advice needed as to how to proceed

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Good afternoon


I have a bit of a situation going on with Npower currently.


I switched to them for electricity after a sales person coming round and pressuring me into it.


My payments were £50 to start off with which was about right for my 1 bedroom flat (I live on my own).

However over time the payments were going up and up until i was paying £70 a month.


Unfortunately last year i became ill and had to leave my job.


There was a period of a few months where i could not afford to pay them anything so i built up a bit of a debt.


Then i set up a payment plan with them for £96 a month (£70 usage and £26 to cover the debt)

- They insisted that this was the minimum they could accept, even though i showed them proof of my benefits of £204 a month, to cover everything.


However i paid it although it was a big struggle and this left me in arrears with my rent shortfall of £170 a month.


However a couple of months ago they sent me a letter with my 'new payment schedule'... of £245 A MONTH!!!!


i called them up and asked why, they couldnt seem to tell me apart from insist that it was correct and that they couldnt accept any less than that.


I told them i was poorly and couldnt possibly pay any more than i already was, but they wouldnt budge.


So in the end i switched to Southern electric, who have given me capped payments of £40 a month, based on my usage!!


I now have a final bill from npower of over £700, demanding payment within 7 days.


I have no idea what to do and where to even start.


I now have to prioritise my rent after almost being evicted so i have very little to offer them.


What i would like to know is:-


1. I believe this bill is not accurate - i have printed out all my online bills and some say ESTIMATED, what can i do about this?


2. Once i have sorted out an accurate bill, can they take me to court if i make an offer of payment by standing order and if so what is the minimum amount i can offer?


Just to sum it up i am not disputing that i owe them something, as i had the debt there before my payment plan, BUT i kept up with my payments, and now that i am with another company, the only thing i should owe them is the remainder of the debt pre payment plan, as i had paid them up until i left them for my usage. So i have no idea where they are getting this figure from!!!!


Any idea how i can proceed? I am finding this very difficult as i get very tired because of my health and i just cannot think straight. Thank you:smile:

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First things first, you are poorly so do not let NPower get to you and make you even worse.


Personally, I would argue that your rent is a priority debt and more important than paying NPower. You need to keep a roof over your head.


My first bit of advice would be make sure that you are getting all of the benefits that you are entitled to. You may well find that there is a lot more available to you than you realise. The website http://www.turn2us.org.uk is very helpful for giving you an idea of what other benefits you could get.


My second bit of advice is that you are only human and money comes down to maths. You cannot pay what you do not have to give. It is as simple as that. Sit yourself down and work out what you can reasonably afford to pay NPower and, even if it is only £1, write to them and make the offer. If it is not good enough for them then so be it. Let them take you to court because the court will not make you pay more than you can afford - they really would be wasting their time.


Most importantly, you need to challenge the value of this alleged bill. Remember that above everything else that your health is by far the most important consideration here. Keep paying your rent and your new energy supplier and do not stress too much about NPower.


I have my own battle with them at the moment so I know what it feels like.


All the best,



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hayleyg22, as has been stated don't let Npower get you down, I was in a similar position last month and after having a JSA Sanction I received some nasty

letters from Npower with all sorts of threats after my direct payments were stopped, Breaking in and fitting a meter was one of them.

So I also switched to another supplier and although at first they (Npower) did not allow me to switch I was switched a few weeks later to my surprise.

Just received my final bills for gas and electricity and shocking is what they both are £1200 electricity and £600 gas and both of them suppose to be paid

in December.

There is no way I have £1800 laying around so they will get a monthly offer of what I can afford from my JSA taking into consideration that I also have to pay

my new gas and electricity supplier for what I am currently using now and at around £50/£60 a week for both I won't have much left for Npower.


Aggressive business practice from Npower lost them a customer and having a new a supplier means they can't threaten me anymore with court orders and pre-payment meters

that would have been added to my bills at £250.00 plus.


Npower can demand what they want from you but if you don't have it to give they are **** out of luck, I'm going to offer them £10 a month which is £5 short of what I was paying

for the arrears but what I can only really afford, will see what they have to say.

Just don't panic now you have a new supplier, your in control, Npower lost all there power when you became a none customer.



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