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Government 'Approves' Extortionate Interest Payday loans.

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The Government refuses to regulate Payday loan companies.


The Government has given the green light to Payday loan companies to carry on charging thousands of percent interest on loans and to bully and threaten those who take out a loan. They have 'refused' to discuss the growing trend and misery caused by this legal rip-off.


Jo Swinson, the minister for Employment, Relations and Consumer Affairs said "It makes sense to leave it and wait to see if the companies come up with some voluntary control".


What a disgusting statement from some stuck up cow who lives on state money.


She said they might have a chat about it next summer.

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The OFT are investigating. I do think that the personal abuse is uncalled for although i do think that this woman is living in a different world

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They have said they will be investigating abusive collecting methods. They have not said when this will start or that they have any intentions to curb these companies stinking sales methods including the 'couldn't care less' attitude they have in not checking if a loan can be repaid or the gross interest rates.


When someone is on state money and gets more in a year than some whole streets earns, it is because she does not live in the real world, has never lived in the real world and will only give joe public the time of day her job says she must, that is stuck up. Do you honestly think she has any interest in anyone but herself, no, she don't go to the Red Dragon for a pint.


This is the Lib Dem woman who:


Voted for University tuition fees

Voted against anti-terrorism laws

Voted for increasing the VAT rate

Voted against a stricter asylum system

Voted for more EU integration and giving up more of the UK sovereignty


That's the definition of a cow.

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