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CSA knightmare advice needed thankyouuu

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Hi , i need some advice for my brother


He had a one night stand about 8 yrs approx. Resulting in this woman getting pregnant. She found out he was living with my parents at the time. My brother bit of a lad i suppose, nice bmw bit of money at the time.

He has never had contact with child, seen or anything. CSA have been persuing him for all of the 8 yrs.

I know the moral things and unhappy he didnt protect himself, but it does take 2 to tango, The mother is living a life on benefits and apparently has 3 kids 3 different fathers (lucky them).

My brother since has had 3 kids with his partner and has since bought his home outright. He is self employed, although he now works 3 days a week or less due to recession and construction industry.

He has always refused dna testing, as much as i think he should, if im paying for a child at least know your the parent. CSA have assumed he is, so a few wks ago an ccj order of £2550 has been put on home, with a further 28k looking set to also go on separately (i dont know ins and outs of it all and dont understand the separate amounts)

He's a bunny in headlights, and is thinking of changing the deed of his home into his partners name (they arent married, been together 7 yrs and have 3 kids together) His partner has in no way contributed to the mortgage, he has paid it all. Ive tried to advise that this isnt really a good idea having had my husband walk out on me of 21 yrs, i trust no one, and once the house is in his name he would have no legal right over it, and i can see him loosing that too.

He has run away from this for a long time, i know that, it was never going to go away, the CSA dont care he has 3 other kids to support either. There was mention of evicting him out of house after 28 days, can they do that???...

I want him to contest the dna now, as who knows she might have already been pregnant at the time, he didnt know her, it wasnt her first child, if someones quick enough to drop knickers at least protect yourself, and she says she is catholic, well catholics shouldnt have sex out of marriage???...thats no excuse in the UK, im catholic, and if i wanted to be promicuos id at least be making sure id not be getting pregnant!

No excuse now, if he is father, but they hound him, hes had a good job and hes being made to pay for something he didnt have a choice in!.

is it too late to do a dna now? its a 50/50 chance, they outcome wouldnt change if he is father but it has huge benefits if hes not.

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Does he have parental responsibility for this child i.e. named on the birth certificate? That was one of the first questions the CSA asked me when I set my claim up. Sounds like he needs some decent legal advice

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Taking all the emotion, and your poor views of this lady, out of it.


He has refused a DNA, and has hidden from this issue for a long time, by your own admission.

He needs to engage, with the CSA, and find out first, if he is the father of the child, via a DNA test

Wether he's on the birth certificate or not, will make no difference.


They won't go away, and he could lose any future credit score.

Changing the deeds, to his partner, will not lose him his "marital home rights"

And it won't stop the CSA issuing a CCJ against the property.


The bottom line is, if he is the father.... He will have to pay.

And that will be right back to when the claim was 1st made

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