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    • Hi All    Hoping for some advice if possible.  I will try to be as concise as I can so I will bullet point, hope this doesn't seem rude.    My Ford Focus 2.0 TDI Powershift 83k miles   *had a major service and an automatic gearbox oil change on Friday 4th October    * Saturday 5th October - had been out in-car driven 30-mile round trip with about 10 hours in between, when I got home the radio and dashboard wouldn't turn off as it usually does when you switch the ignition off and open the driver's door. Tried to switch the radio off manually no joy, after about half an hour it just went off on its own. Didn't think much more of it.   * All was well, travelled to work and back on Monday and Tuesday a 20-mile round trip each day   * Wednesday on the way home started the car and it made a funny noise so I tried to turn it off and it took me several attempts to switch it off.    I left it a couple of mins and switched it back on and all seemed well again. After about five mins of driving it came up with hill start assist unavailable, so I thought I would take it back to where it had been serviced. After about another 10 mins it went into limp home mode and came up with a message saying transmission not fully operating (or something like that).    * AA came out and plugged the computer in said that it was bringing up a fault on pretty much every system in the car but when he tried to get into the in-depth diagnostics it kept kicking him out.   The transmission message cleared and the aa offered to follow me to the garage which they did, the car drove ok again for about 15 mins then went back into limp home mode.    * Car has been at the garage since close of business Wednesday, I have rung for an update each day to be told there was nothing until today when I expressed a bit of frustration at this was rang back and told it is probably something to do with the clutch but not sure yet.   * Apparently they have a gearbox specialist in for a 2nd opinion today and should be able to get back to me tomorrow.    So my questions are:   1. Could a fault with the clutch cause all of the above problems? 2. If it is the clutch is it likely to do with the service/gearbox oil change as it was running PERFECTLY before this, I only had the gearbox oil change because I was advised to. As an aside I had to have a new gearbox put in while the car was under warranty as it malfunctioned.    I am honestly grateful for any advice, as I'm just feeling really fed up at this point and the garage are giving me the least possible info they can give me.    Thanks :-) 
    • Hi,   My friend was being bullied by a manager who kept saying that anonymous people were complaining about her, she is asian and the minority where she works, she raised concerns in her meeting that she felt it had something to do with her race and gets treated differently to the rest of her colleagues due to off the cuff comments previously made and was told by her manager that as a minority she has to prove herself more as a minority in life and thats unfortunately the way it is. Following on from this they’re were more anonymous complaints all revolving around her attitude when speaking to the anonymous individual(s), she then had a meeting with hr initiated by her managwe and expressed her concerns, no outcome was given as the hr person said it was informal and a week later she has been told that she is being made redundant, my question is there were no specific incidents mentioned and my friend is still confused exactly how this came about but suspects it’s her manager who has taken a disliking to her, is this lawful?
    • Thanks for advice . I have spoken to the ICO , and their opinion is that there “may “ be cause for complaint . In the first instance I should write to the hospital (CEO)citing GDPR, giving them 30 days to respond . If the response is not to my satisfaction , then back to the ICO to raise a formal complaint . The ICO also suggested copying in the GMC with the complaint , I feel at present that is one step too far , perhaps I will sit on that until I get a reply from the hospital.
    • Thanks ethel and stu007   Yes, we had the kerb double dropped so me and my partner can park off the road. Before , just had one, and idiot would park in middle of properties so couldn't fit two cars on road outside. Has been issued a good 3 or 4 PCNs for obstructing since done. Its the back of the car, sometimes as far as a wheel but has a long boot/bumper which hangs over, so its not fully over. Recently seems to be as far as can without getting a ticket.   CCTV - shall read up thanks. Oh also, when I say 5 CCTV, that is 4 on property (100% out of boundary) and 1 in car which is lit up all night.   Does this count as harassment? The initial start of this thread, about 6 threatening letters asking me to pay for vehicle damage or court (nothing came of this) The constant parking annoyance (going on a couple of years) The loud music, witnessed by Env heath officer but not quite loud enough for notice, so letters sent. Paint 'accidentally' spilled on road outside my property (because was parked over our drive at time) Letters about rubbish outside my own garage at rear of properties and the 4 screws attaching bamboo to his fence. Then reported me for fly tipping, didnt go anywhere as officer agreed wasn't causing an issue. I have since sorted the screws and bamboo and idiots fence is literally falling apart. Concreting over 1/4 of my grass in rear lane whilst doing own part. Stupid things like having a BBQ and the parasol sticking way over the fence into my garden. All very subtle and annoying things to cause issues, without quite breaking the law.   The council are aware and claim powerless as own properties and the police pretty much are not interested.   What can be done?    Cheers   E!              
    • Hi, any thoughts on this would be greatful, will send tomorrow i think.. letter_15th_oct.pdf
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Hi. I post this on behalf of my parents who are really worried now and very stressed out and needing some advice.


My mum and dad own their own house, and are no in any sort of debt trouble as such. The problem they have had is with my brother. My brother lives on/off at the house occasionally. As a result of the actions of my brother they face plenty of calls from debt recovery companies as well as many unwelcomed visits from the bailiffs.


The problem is that when my brother bought a car, he had that registered at mum and dads address.m All his banking is registered at mum/dads address. All his activiteis are registered at this address. He finds this arrangement to be perfectly suitable despite mum and dads insistence of not using their address. However he disappears fairly regularly. Since he has no fixed address he finds using mum and dads address perfect as they are always around.


The main problem is that my brother ammasses many parking tickets, congestion charges which build up build up and build up to such an extent a bailiff has to come calling. Just last friday a bailiff came calling and now today again another bailiff came calling.


My mum and dad are really stressed at having to deal with these people on almost a daily basis, while he continues to freely loaf, but other than sending back as much mail as possible to the sender and telling the many people that he does not live here things keep cropping up. Todays bailiff came due to a bounced cheque given for a car tax. The bailiff today said that next time they will be coming round with police. In the past bailiffs have come inside the house and start taking a note of the items in the house, when nothing in the house belongs to him other than his bed. My mum starts crying when bailiffs start recording the list of items as shes spent 20 years in this house and every item is hers and my dads which they have lovingly bought to make a house a home.


Now i obviously understand that some bailiffs say such things to threaten you, but my mum has to deal with this sort of stuff, and her grasp of english is not great. My dad is usually at out during the day. So for a 55 year old asian woman, whos english is not great, threats like this do concern her. I myself live with my parents but am at work during the day, and work in another town so its not possible to come round the house when such things happen.


Frankly they are fed up with this constant action but are not sure what the way out of these is. The last time he left was three weeks ago, and he has not been back since. Initially his car was parked on our driveway, but we have moved that from the driveway to a nearby public street.


Can anyone suggest a way forward out of this, and somehow getting the stress off my mum and dad who are not blame at all for any of the debt. They have taken him off the electoral roll ages ago for the property. They are sending back any mail that comes to the house..they are telling any people who phone for him that he does not live here any more.


My real worry is that whilst this is happening new parking fines are being amassed with all the fines coming to our house, as the car he owns is registered to this address. Whilst we can obviously send back post saying not at this address the dvla records state the car is registered at this address, so i fear we will continue to be in this problem.


Sorry for my long post, but i'm its really getting to me now and i worry about my mother and what she has to deal with every day when i go to my work. Its come to the point where she is not even telling me now that a bailiff has come round today after i come from work. I usually find the letter or the card they have left with her and then ask her about it.


I feel really sorry for my mum to have to deal with this sort of stuff and really want to see if i can find an end to this problem.



Thank you in advance for your response.

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I can respond further tomorrow but the most important thing to ensure is that you parents MUST NOT EVER allow a bailiff into their home and neither should they pay any debts owed by your brother.


Have they paid any bailiffs?

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In the past they have done, but not any time recently. The situations where they have done in the past my brother has been at home. So they didn't pay the bailiff direct, my brother took it from my parents and paid the bailiff himself.

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hummy, try to reassure your parents, and tell them that the bailiff has no right to come in whatever lies he spouts. Now as English is not their first language they may well be vulnerable under the National Standards, which i have posted below for your reference, tomtubby will give you some excellent focused advice also:

National Standards for Enforcement Agents

Vulnerable situations


 Enforcement agents/agencies and creditors must recognise that

they each have a role in ensuring that the vulnerable and socially

excluded are protected and that the recovery process includes

procedures agreed between the agent/agency and creditor about

how such situations should be dealt with. The appropriate use of

discretion is essential in every case and no amount of guidance

could cover every situation, therefore the agent has a duty to

contact the creditor and report the circumstances in situations

where there is evidence of a potential cause for concern. If

necessary, the enforcement agent will advise the creditor if further

action is appropriate. The exercise of appropriate discretion is

needed, not only to protect the debtor, but also the enforcement

agent who should avoid taking action which could lead to

accusations of inappropriate behaviour.


 Enforcement agents must withdraw from domestic premises if the

only person present is, or appears to be, under the age of 18; they

can ask when the debtor will be home - if appropriate.


 Enforcement agents must withdraw without making enquiries if the

only persons present are children who appear to be under the age

of 12.


 Wherever possible, enforcement agents should have

arrangements in place for rapidly accessing translation services

when these are needed, and provide on request information in

large print or in Braille for debtors with impaired sight.


 Those who might be potentially vulnerable include:

 the elderly;

 people with a disability;

 the seriously ill;

 the recently bereaved;

 single parent families;

 pregnant women;

 unemployed people; and,

 those who have obvious difficulty in understanding, speaking or

reading English.

Edited by brassnecked

We could do with some help from you.



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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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Please note what Brassnecked has stated. The bailiffs cannot force entry into your home, at all. This is not your parents debt and the bailiff cannot take anything from your home despite what the bailiff has threatened. The bailiff knows this but is out to get his money in what ever way he can.


Can I ask who the bailiff companies are who are dealing with this please.


For the PCN/congestion charges your parents can contact the council who issued these. The council are fully responsible for any action of the bailiffs who are working as agents for them. They need to speak with the manager of the parking services. You need to inform them that despite the car being registered at the address, their son is not living at the address and at the present you have no knowledge of his whereabouts.


It may help to contact your local councillor. They can often involve themselves and talk to the council on your parents behalf.


As for the debt collectors, send them an email stating that the son does not live their any longer and could they refrain from sending out any more letters for him and to take the phone number of their records. Let them know if they refuse to do this you will place a formal complaint to the agency and you will take it to the ombudsman if necessary.


Tomtubby will be along soon and give some further advise but I hope what I have written has placed some ease on your mother :)

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Thank you all for your tremendous advice so far. It's been fantastic and opened my eyes up somewhat. I never knew about the legislation regarding vulnerable people. Do u suggest that I right that on a bit of paper for my mum and ask her to hand it to the bailiff if they ever come calling.


There are various debt collectors. Some are from the local courts I presume as the client is the council. Some are private....I will need to have a look at some of the older letters we have for them. At the moment we just send back all mail currently to the sender.


I look forward to reading the recommendations of tomtubby, as they have been mentioned twice in the thread so I presume they are someone definitely to take note of.



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