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Misterwint Problems with Total Fitness Membership

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Hi. I've recently gone through the same. I joined Total Fitness in Wakefield back in June 2012. I was given a whirlwind tour of the facilities by the manager. I was aware that the cardio vascular machines were quite old but that didn't bother me as I had joined to get fit again and not search the date that the equipment was manufactured.


After 3 visits, I'd had a good look around the gym, a much closer look and I found that not only were the machines quite old but that quite a few were falling apart, indeed a number of them have parts missing from them. The crunch came for me when a screw which holds the heart rate monitor plate in place on a cross trainer, was loose and when I gripped it, it trapped the skin on the palm of my hand. Aside from a slight pain, there was little damage to my hand but I felt that someone with a smaller hand and softer skin might not be as luck as me so I decided to report it. On the two times I tried to report it there was no one on reception. Three times I tried to grab the attention of staff walking around but they seemed not to see me.


Also I was quite disgusted at how filthy the place was. There was black dust fluff clinging to the blue support columns inside the building and also if I looked under and/or around the cardiovascular machines, there was a good layer of white dust. For the build up to get that bad, they can't have been cleaned around for some time. Stuff like that dust would have contained dead skin, sweat, so would have been a breeding ground for bacteria.


After another week and finding that the changing rooms also weren't what you would expect to see, cleanliness wise, I went home and cancelled my direct debit with them, then emailed to explain that I had withdrawn my membership with them, stating all of the above. I sent 4 emails to their head office but got no reply. When eventually they wrote asking for new bank details for the direct debit, I wrote to them but still got no reply so I wrote a second time and sent by recorded delivery. This time I got a reply by email from the Wakefield gym manager.


The manager told me that what I had stated was not grounds on which they could cancel my membership. I didn't budge. Eventually the manager offered to freeze my membership for 12 months. I couldn't see what the benefit of doing this would be so I declined his offer.


I heard nothing for a month but then two weeks ago I got a letter from their head office saying that they were about to pass my membership onto a third party. I phoned them and explained to a lady on the phone what my gripe was. I was told by her that her job was just to collect money and she had no authority the cancel memberships.


On 17/11/2012 I got a letter from Regal Credit Consultants demanding that I pay up the remainder (£439.89) of what I owe for my agreement/contract with Total Fitness . I refused to do this and was told that I'd signed a contract and that I must pay. They didn't want to know the reasons why I feel I shouldn't pay. I told the person I spoke to that if it was to be then they must do what they had to do and we'd let a Court decide whether or not I should pay.


A contract is an agreement between two people. I feel that Total Fitness didn't deliver their side of the agreement.


If the manger thought I had no argument against the Wakefield gym then I want to know why me made the gesture of freezing my membership for 12 months, coz if I'm in the wrong and they aren't, as they say, then I wouldn't be making such a gesture.


I'm not too sure what will happen next. No doubt it'll be more threatening letters.


Total Fitness are charging £40 a month for a facility I do not think is fit for purpose. There are 3 budget gyms in Wakefield which charge around £18 a month and although neither of these have a swimming pool, the rest of what they offer is far superior to that at Total Fitness (Wakefield). I wanted to use the Wakefield gym because it is in a reasonable distance from where I am.


I'm very pleased I searched Google for "Regal Credit Total Fitness" and found this forum.

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Hi Misterwint and welcome to CAG


I've moved your post into your own thread that you can use from now on. :-D


I sent 4 emails to their head office but got no reply. When eventually they wrote asking for new bank details for the direct debit, I wrote to them but still got no reply........


I assume you still have the 4 emails as evidence of contacting them to cancel.


When you wrote to them but got no reply, did you write by email or by posted letter. Was all your communication with the gym manager by email, by phone, or both.


You did the right thing by writing to explain why you were cancelling and they had the right to come back to you (promptly) to discuss or argue the matter. When the mgr responded to your Rec'd Del'y letter, how long was this after your first cancellation email .


You'll have seen from the thread for Jojonno (where you first posted) that Regal Credit are likely to be chasing for payments soon and they'll no doubt add admin charges for good measure.


Don't be alarmed as such charges are penalties and are not enforceable at law.



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