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    • I bought a car from an auction in Jan 2019 and the car engine fault like indicated there was a problem with the ABS. It went to an Audi Dealership for a diagnostic scan to identifying exactly the problems with this car.   One of them was a faulty ABS system which had the component, namely the ABS hydraulic pump identified as being faulty. Since then, this has been independently addressed by a non-Audi dealership but now a new fault code  was recorded that hadn’t been formerly discussed.   The code 01130 ‘Operation: Implausible signal’ declared itself and is related to the 45F2 ABS AUDI UK recall over a year ago. If put this to the dealership who did the diagnostic scan that previous campaigns that have now closed are looked at they will find that this is in fact an Audi recall fault and as such needs to be addressed courtesy of AUDI. In fact, the same recall fault was listed as an item of charge. When I asked why the ECU had to be changed as well and told it was ‘because the ‘ECU is one and the same unit as the hydraulic pump and the two are replaced because of the way it is constructed’.   The matter has been raised with AUDI UK who tell me that having originally fixed the fault at the time of the initial recall on this car, the campaign open for 6 months was now closed and they wouldn’t be honouring the recall.   As AUDI pointed out when this fault was first identified, this was a serious safety issue and as such I informed the Trading Standards. They were satisfied that the safety issue had been addressed but had no redress as the campaign was now closed. I was informed the 6 months was not set impartially but at the company’s discretion. They believed the Motor Ombudsman would resolve the issue. This advice and the state of deadlock lead  me onto reporting it to the Motor Ombudsman but they flatly said they didn’t deal with recalls and ask Citizens Advice.    I feel that a safety recall on a fault is an issue indefinitely if it exists as the fault lies in the design and construction which is implied as the manufacturer foots the bill. How is it that after 6 months they are absolved of accountability? Is this negligence on behalf of Audi? I am not sure why the Trading Standards don’t see this as an issue apart from it being a ‘legal matter’.    What advice would you give me on going forward? 
    • Hi TP,   The good news is - You don't have to prove anything !   You've already explained your position to Harlands and need do or say any more.   Just ignore them.
    • Unfortunately I had a nervous breakdown and signed off work. Placed on heavy medication and had to deal with a repossession order and other debts therefore this wasn’t a priority at the time and there’s only so much you can expect others to do on your behalf.    I am not quite sure how to proceed other than point out the points we’ve discussed with the creditor and if they refuse to cooperate instruct a solicitor though I gave to keep that cost to the minimum.    I appreciate your assistance. 
    • Hi    Another point i have noticed on Page 2 of the JK1 exhibit, the marketing box is 'unticked'.  As a rule of thumb if i apply or do anything online i always tick the box for no junk mail! This form is definitely fabricated by them and is not the original.    
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Being prosecuted by TfL

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Hi I'm having the same problem, I mistakenly used the child card and was caught! They have sent me the letter saying the legAl prosecution will be done!

Did you find any solutions to your problem!

Did you paid any fine?

Did they took you to the court?

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You've posted on the same thread again.


Ill ask a site admin to create a new thread for you as you're posting on 9 month old thread

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I've moved your post to its own thread.

Can you please give some more details of your problem as your first post now makes little sense.



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Hello there.


When you tell us more, please could you include details of which law or byelaw they're prosecuting under?


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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I mistakenly used the child card and was caught!


Before I make any suggestions, can you tell us how old you are please?

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