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Hello there

I have been renting to a tennant for the last 2 years,

they are still within their contract and the other day we got a call from a referencing agency,

(they have applied for another property which starts months before their contract with us is due to end)


There is no break clause in our contract but I have the feeing that they are just going to leave and post the keys.


I told the ref company that I will not supply a reference when I have had no notice to quit from the tennants.


The tennant sent me a mssg the other day saying that they have seen a property they like but would like to see us to discuss first,

but it is clear that they have already started the ball rolling.


The tenent would also want to stay in the house a day over into the following month too...bet i dont get paid for that either!!!


This tennant has been no problem to us, and I am very annoyed that they would leave this way. And to date we have not received a formal written request from them.

Please advise. thank you all.

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Try adding some detail like

When did tenancy commence?

Length of fixed term?

Rent due requency?


Applying for a new property could take several weeks to be accepted. They may need to change location due to change in job/circumstance or they may be planning to abscond.


The Law is on your side

T cannot serve NTQ to expire before end of fixed term.

He can offer early mutual surrender. LL can set conditions for approval (cash compensation up to amount of rent until end of fixed term, re-advertising & admin costs)

The tenant can vacate T on last day of fixed term, without Notice.


You say T has been no problem for 2 yrs. Av AST prob

If T approaches you to offer early surrender, I would start with min 1 month rent equiv (depending on date FT ends) + £100 re-ad costs. If he absconds, pursue for full rent to end of FT, or date you take possession to re-decorate, if sooner.


Your decision.


At the moment T has done nothing wrong to breach contract. The fear is in your mind.

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Thank you for that.

We will bear that all in mind, we want to be prepared or anything that may arise.

They have applied for a house to move in January, so sadly I am expecting the worst.

I would never think of ending their term beore it was due to end, so why should they.

They seem to think that they would be doin us a favour by leaving before the end of their term.

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tenant has now been spoken to, they didnt think that they had to put their notice in writing, thought they could leave when they liked without telling us formally.

They complained over the phone about a number of 'issues' with the house, which they didnt see fit to mention before.

They not happy that we have told them they need to pay for leaving early and thought they could stay into another month without paying for that month.

we have agreed to early termination and are currently awaiting their written notice.

if their new property falls through, we will not be renewing any tenancy with them, we have decided to sell and move on to another project.

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