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    • Hi,   I searched online for an insurance company using compare the market. Sheila's wheels came out with the best quote so I telephoned them to arrange the purchase. After I had paid out the initial amount of £70 and agreed a direct debit I then cancelled my soon to expire Insurance policy. I immediately received an email from that insurance company informing me I no longer had my no claims bonus due to an accident last June. I telephoned Shelia's Wheels to explain that I had made an error, instead of 3 (which I had put on my original agreement), I had now been informed I had none. They put the policy up by another £300, so I asked to cancel. They now want to charge me 29 pound something for cancelling. I made the mistake with the no claims bonus because compare the market keeps a record of my information & this was what was in that information about me, including the date of my accident.    Do they  have a right to charge me? My insurance would have taken effect on the 15th November 2019.   Thank you.
    • I'm on happy pills (anti depressants) but they aren't cutting the mustard anymore and I do need to see my GP soon to see if he can help in anyway. With regards to gambling it's so complicated; through my life I have made money (as well as having had some jobs)  being a "professional gambler" (gambling where the odds are in your favour - think card counting for example, fruit machines years ago for a long time.... Other things.) But I've also been totally compulsive at the same time. It;'s so entrenched in my psyche that it's hard to imagine just giving it up totally. I also have drug issues that have plagued me and it's a shame because I am fairly intelligent and could have been successful in life in theory but mainly due to those two things (and not really having any drive, ambition, whatever... I could go on and on but this isn't a therapy forum :P) I've not managed to. I'm 36 by the way. Cheers
    • Oh I just remembered I have a long defaulted account with Halifax balance approx £3700 I believe (from around 2015) but they aren't chasing me for it or anything. It was actually over £5000 but they refunded me a load of unfair charges (their words)  This does however push me over the £20,000 limit for a DRO I think?  
    • Hi.   I think you've made a good start by setting out in writing what you need to deal with. People should be along later to advise on how to deal with your creditors.   For the mental side of things, have you talked to your GP about getting some help with what's getting you down? Or support with the gambling issues?   HB
    • Hi people.   So I've managed to get myself into a sorry state financially. I'm insanely depressed which I guess is common for many. I don't think all of it comes down to the financial stuff but it is really crushing me now.   Facts: A lot of debt has been due to living on credit and gambling. I don't have a job. I know I should get one but I just totally despondant at the moment (due to many reasons). I don't expect any sympathy but I thought I would share this.   It's tempting to bury my head in the sand and wait for the inevitable calls from various collections departments but I want to be as proactive as possible. I think I've cancelled all direct debits so I don't get bouncing charges from the banks...   So onto the debts:   Loans livelend; £2400 was 4k 13% interest Bamboo £3000 (only just made the first payment this month) supid interest Likelyloans approx £3500 stupid interest  One payday loan for £200 I just got to cover some bills (knowing that I'd unlikely be able to pay it) - this is the only thing I haven't cancelled with the bank as they just take it from your card   Credit cards: Aqua approx. 3900 Capital one approx. 1200 Amazon approx £500 Paypal Credit Approx £1100 Overdrafts Santander £1500 Barclays £1k limit (I don't actually pay anything for this)   So all in all approximately £18,000     I also have a negative Paypal balance of £5000 but I don't believe this classes as a debt and I don't think they can do anything about this having read up on it quite a lot.   I guess my question is what is my best course of action. Should I look to do a DRO? Should I go bankrupt? (eurgh. Full disclosure I did this 15 years ago when I was 21. You think I would have learnt!) Should I write to each creditor and offer them £1 a month? Should I talk to one of the debt charities?   It is all my fault that I'm in this state but I also know that it's not the end of the world because they are all non priority debts. I probably am slightly behind on the council tax but not significantly.   I started claiming universal credit a couple of weeks ago and had my first appointment last week but managed to miss the next one due to not being able to sleep and then oversleeping and so I guess they've probably kicked me off that already and I might have to claim again.    So yeah. I take responsibility for what's happened but I don't see any way out. I've been very depressed lately due to this and other things. There is no one to "bail me out" and I probably don't need or want that anyway. Any advice appreciated          
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Hello i dont really know where im suposed to post im new here but i got a tv off brighthouse made all payments till it was paid off but 3 weeks before it was due to be paid off my daughter cracked the screen i rang brighthouse to book it in for repair they told me they would send out an engineer to have a look at it well noone turned up i got a fone call saying they couldnt make it i asked when it would be booked back in and if it will be before its paid off they said yes well noone came out and when i rang back i was told because my account is closed and tv has been paid off im no longer covered and was told id have to pay a private engineer to fix it well for months id been phoning and asking around these places tryingto get it fixed i was told it is brighthouse own make so they didnt stock the parts so i rang brighthouse back and all i got was abuse from them i had my washer and dryer with them and fell into debt i asked them if i could pay them the week i missed without the service covers as i didnt think i should have paid as one is optional the other renews everytime u make a payment and as i didnt pay the week before i thort well i didnt have to pay the cover they refused to take my payments said i had to pay it all in full late charges and the next weeks i said i cant they then threatened to come take my goods i said well im offering u a payment why cant you take it they just point blanc refused so i said fare enough weeks later i recieved many call knocks on door letter now i have a solicitor ringing me saying if i dont make a payment i will recieve a ccj can anyone give me some advice in what i should do please i have had it with these people i begrudge giving them anything now as they have fooked me over with my tv thank you x

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Hi linz, you will probably get more help if you start your own thread as that way more people will be able to read it and answer you...

my opinion of this company at the moment is if you want to get what you are entitled to in law, you have to take them to court!

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New thread created :-)

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ok the solicitor was probably brighthouse themselves


if they attempt to ring again advise them you will only comunicate in writing and hang up


if you have payed more than a third of the agreement then they cannot take the goods without a court order


the TV was reported in warrenty, it needs fixing but brighthouse dont like doint that im assuming its a BAIRD (blighthouse own), it does use the same internals as some others


remind them the service cover is optional - mostly however you have to go to head office to get it cancelled

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hi linz,

have you had any luck yet in getting brighthouse to repair this?


if not, maybe instead of claiming a repair you could claim the total amount you have paid for the DLC and OSC insurances. The money you can reclaim could then be used to repair your Baird TV. I am pretty sure that like laptops, as long as the screen fits into the case, then it will work. You could even use the money to buy a new TV (for cash with a retailer who has good customer service)


theres a very good thread here somewhere showing how you can claim back your OSC and DLC insurance money from brighthouse, i am sure this would be the best way for you since that money will more than pay for the repair on your TV.

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