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Sacked after 14 years; advise and information sought

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Good evening,

I've been employed by a motor group for the past forteen years, the group owns six or seven German car dealerships in my local area so it's quite a small company compared to many but still fairly substantial.

For the past eight of those years I've been working at the site which is also our head office; mostly I've been in the workshop as a motor technician but between 2007 and 2010 I was used as a floating member of staff covering service reception at busy periods and staff absenses, this turned into a full time position in 2010 until January 2012 when I was moved back into the workshop fulltime.

During this time I've had a few issues which have been raised with me verbaly but I've never had an offical verbal warning nor a written warning.

This brings us up to friday the 9th of November; when on my return to work after a days holiday I was presented with a sealed envelope by my service manager; inside was a letter inviting me to a disiplinary review meeting on Tuesday the 13th of November, regarding a mystery shop that had been carried out on the 22nd of October and to consider the following allegations "1. That you failed to complete a roadtest after a service. 2. That you falsified a company record by indicating that the road test had been completed."

The meeting was attended by myself, my service manager, a member of HR and was conducted by my Brand manager, I declined to have a collegue present. The meeting took approximatly 25 minutes, most of that was showing me the CCTV evidence to prove that the car hadn't left the premises and explaining to me that they had lost all trust and confidence in me; that I had commited fraud by falsifying company documentation and that it was Gross misconduct.

I then put my side across which consisted of explaining how I'd been distracted from work over the last few months due to personal issues in my home life; that I hadn't intentionaly falsyfied the documents but had infact fallen into a routine of completing all the paperwork before leaving the workshop that I work in, as there is plenty of desk space available there but not in the crowded office that I return to after parking the car outside, consequetly I'd just forgotten to roadtest on that occasion because it was only a minor service that historically didn't require a roadtest (It had only been the month prior that we had discussed in our monthly meeting the new proceedure that all cars should be roadtested) The reason I'd put the milage down as two miles higher than it was is that the test route I always use is exactly two miles long so I was clearly planning on completing the roadtest. I also suggested that if they thought my work was so poor that they could introduce a period of mandatory quality checks on all or some of my work as there had never been an issue before.

After the meeting I went back to work for another couple of hours before being called back just before five PM, it was at this point I was promptly sacked, I didn't recieve it in writting there and then but was told it would be in the post, I was also told that I would be paid in lieu of notice.


Now this is where it all turns a little wierd, the following day I recieved a call at 9.30AM from the Human Resorces manager, I didn't know about this until Ichecked my phone later that evening, a voice mail had been left, the crux of the voice mail was that He didn't agree with the outcome of the Dismissal and that hes looking to recind the decission. I haven't spoken with him or anyone else yet as I was waiting for the letter as promised first but two days later it hasn't arrived!


The thing is the more I think about it the less I want to go back as I'm pretty sure my Brand manager has been looking to get rid of me for a while, Things that have been said over the last few months by my workshop controler indicate that he has been waiting for me to step out of line, When I was in my reception roll he said to me face to face that he was "paying the worst service advisor the most money" even though I'd scored the highest score ever at our dealership on an audio mystery shop!

When I previously complained about the appaling ventilation when diesel cars are MOT tested he told me "what do you expect? if you don't like it don't work in a garage!"


So my problem is; Have I been sacked? do I have to accept the Rescindment offered? and what do I do next? I'm concious that I'm expected to arrange a meeting with HR but I don't want to comprimise a possible legal action.


Points of note;

1: I wasn't suspended whilst the investigation was carried out.

2: I wasn't interviewed for my side of events during the investigation period.

3: I was allowed to contine working on vehicles upto and after the disaplinary meeting.

4: I was verbally promised payment in lieu of notice

5: I wasn't given written conformation imediatly.

6: The letter informing me of the disiplinary review was dated the 22/10/12 which was the same day the Mysteryshop was carried out; leading me to belive no review was held at all!

7: The discaplinary review wasn't chaired by an impartial party.

8: My most recent signed Job description still states my role as being a service advisor


Many thanks in advance for any comment; please feel free to ask questions of me or point me in the right direction

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1. irrelevant

2. but you were given time to respond at the meeting

3. normal

4. well, you'll need to see what happens with that

5. normal

6. a) possible typo b) did you ask about this in the meeting?

7. heh, they never are, is just has to be a senior person

8. with "any other duties as required"? Did you ever complain about doing other duties or have you acceoted it by your actions?


You are looking for a loophole that isn't there. Given you falsified paperwork that is crucial for safety, dismissal is not out of the question. But there should be a right to appeal the decision and/or the penalty.


I'm really woolly as to what you think the outcome here is. They have sufficient evidence that it will not be "a big stack of cash for you." Their process is not perfect but it's good enough to stand up at ET. So personally I would put thoughts of a possible "legal process" away and try and get your job bak on appeal.

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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