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Urgent help needed harassment and bullying at work

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Hi guys I just need some advice I have worked for the same charity for the past 15 years as an office manager. In august this year 1 of the volunteers who no longer works for the company submitted a grievance against me too the members of the board saying I was on supported and a racist. That saying volunteer also sent me thank you card all week before she left thanking me for my support.


Four of the board members have made no bones about making it obvious that they want me out of the company


In septemberduring a grievance meeting 1 board member became aggressive and began insulting members of my family mainly my husband who was the chairman of the charity she also denied having conversations with us regarding company operations thankfully I followed everything up by e-mail. When I told her to read your e-mails she became increasingly aggressive and frustrated and I have a witness to this. To my astonishment I was told by her that I was suspended on full pay " for my own safety."


As part of the company's operations both myself and my husband were both signaturies on the company bank account as we were responsible for ensuring everything was paid on time. I have received a letter from the new company chairman requesting that I return all banking documents including the pin numbers, we have not done this but we have notified the bank what has been requested I have receive a second letter from the new chairman threatening to visit my home to obtain the pin numbers.


A few weeks ago I went to my gp and was signed off with stress that has been caused buy what is going on since I sent in my doctor's certificate I have received a letter from the board advising but I will only be paid SSP my contract of employment clearly states that I am entitled to 6 months FULL pay. I have never been off sick for many years.


Furthermore, I have been sent an email by someone within the company of a conversation between two board members, plotting my downfall. They have also said in the email that they should delete the conversation as if it got out then they wouldnt have a leg to stand on. They accidentally printed it off and it was left on the printer. One of the volunteers seen it and sent it to me. Obviously, I have kept the copy.


Can somebody please advise where I stand as I fear they will pull any stunt to get me out of the company

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1 - The grievance was in September? What was the outcome?


2 - Are you still suspended, or on Sick leave? This isn't clear from your post.


3 - Why would they 'not have a leg to stand on'? In what way were they plotting your downfall? On what grounds do hey think they could force you to leave?


4 - I don't think you can refuse to return the bank details. You are an employee and I would suspect that the trustees can change responsibility for banking affairs at will.


5 - If your contract states full pay for sickness, then providing that you fulfil any associated clauses, payment at a lesser rate would almost certainly be an Unlawful Deduction, and the employer should be reminded that they owe you sick pay as per contract or you will find it necessary to take the matter to an ET.


6 - I would raise your own grievance over your treatment, and ask for disclosure (by SAR if necessary) of all documents pertaining to your personnel file - including emails. Personally I would find it hard to resist mentioning that you are aware of one particular email relating to your future employment.


7 - Probably best to start looking for a new job!

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






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Ok first question are you scotland, england wales as charity regulations differ also could you possibly try to entlighten without giving to much detail as to the nature of the charities field of work.


Now the Board Members and the one that was abusive and brought your husband into a grievance that was nothing to do with your husband what is that Board Members Position?


Now something else to take into account (Only if the Charity has its computers linked via a Server) is that if those Board Members have been deleting those emails from there computer they wont actually be fully deleted and will remain on the main server. (Now generally it is only the IT Team of the charity that have access to the main server but not always as it depends on the charities setup)


Now I would write (always get proof of posting) and request the following documentation:

(Note: You want original copies of policies and procedures - not what is in an employee/staff handbook as this may only contain a condensed version)


1. Disciplinary and Grievance Policy and Procedure.

2. Bullying & Harrassment Policy and Procedure.

3. Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure.

4. Job Description.

5. Sickness Policy and Procedure.

6. Board Members Code of Conduct


Now I am taking a shot in the dark and assumming charity in england so this PDF form the Charity Commision England on Complaints may be of use with these other PDFs from ACAS:

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