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    • Ok well thanks for the help it is appreciate. It’s Car Cash Point. Will press on with the FOS hopefully can salvage something from the situation. 
    • Hi   Sorry did not notice that. Yes I contacted them.immediately after getting their first letter (sent to wrong address) and they advised to send in proof which I did ( and have done  several times). They advised they do not have payment registered and did say the site may not have paid it to them. Is there anything I can do if I have used an unofficial site? 
    • Thanks.  The car was on lease and the leasing co have already grassed me up, so to speak!   I guess it is probably best to wait and see what POPLA have to say and then decide on strategy,  
    • Hang on with the letter till the experts come on, as bits that identify you as the driver definitely need to be changed and writing at all to Parking Lie might not be a good idea at this stage. PE will have sent their letters (IF they sent them) to the address your vehicle is registered with at the DVLA.  With you moving, that could explain the missing correspondence.  Watch out with the DVLA, if you don't update your details and they find out, it's a grand's fine! Yes, get on to the Holiday Inn area manager, and if they are useless, the CEO.  I reckon they will call their dogs off.   Edit - just reading PE's reply to you.  They are an utter disgrace (not a surprise I know).  They reckon you have broken some imaginary contract with them but refuse to give the details and say you have to contact a powerless third party.  Doubt a judge would be very impressed.
    • The later you leave it the more chance you have of receiving the claimants statement...which you can then use as a guide to refute their main points of claim.Drafting a statement in the absence of the claimants really leaves you in no mans land because you are not aware of their main points of claim on which they will rely on...or which you must refute.   Also as previously advised if they dont pay the hearing fee on time and they dont file or serve a statement on you....its a good indication that they do not intend to proceed so all your work has been in vain.   However it is good to be prepared and have a basic statement in case they do pay and do file at the death..leaving you little time to respond and counter.I think a mixture of the two you have already prepared would be the way forward however your point 1 with regards to hearsay evidence wont come into play until you actually receive their statement and if in fact they are relying on hearsay evidence..   Just for information Moriarty do not attend hearings they litigate using and relying on CPR 27.9   Non-attendance of parties at a final hearing 27.9 (1) If a party who does not attend a final hearing– (a) has given written notice to the court and the other party at least 7 days before the hearing date that he will not attend; (b) has served on the other party at least 7 days before the hearing date any other documents which he has filed with the court; and (c) has, in his written notice, requested the court to decide the claim in his absence and has confirmed his compliance with paragraphs (a) and (b) above, the court will take into account that party’s statement of case and any other documents he has filed and served when it decides the claim. (2) If a claimant does not – (a) attend the hearing; and (b) give the notice referred to in paragraph (1), the court may strike out(GL) the claim. So and if you do receive their statement it must include notice as per above.(CPR 27.9(1) Andy
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How to drive safely this winter

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New research from Churchill Insurance has highlighted that many drivers put their passengers and other drivers in jeopardy in winter.



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