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Please help - multiple past credit cards and loans but no docs for possible PPI- don't know where to start

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I hope someone will be able to help me. I have had quite a number of credit cards and loans in the past whilst trying to pay off student debt and haven't got the details as when I closed or settled the accounts I shredded the documnets. I am getting lost in the procedure and the more guides I read the more confused I seem to be getting. I don't know whether some of the cards are worth persuing or whether to forget about them and keep my £10 for SAR's etc. Some are quite old. I have opened an Experian account to view details but not all the cards I had have appeared and I wondered whether it was worth sending those financial institutions SARs.....


A bit about my background:


I was shocking with my money at University despite working every holiday that I had. I had a barclaycard through Uni and am pretty sure I backed with Lloyds. I took out a graduate loan with Lloyds and the advisor advised me to get a loan out big enough to pay my £2000 overdraft off and when I agreed a figure of £3000 with him he said but you should take out more for a holiday, new clothes for work etc - so I did. This is going back to 1999 and I was incredibly naive. I asked how many £10 charges had been applied to my account over the previous 4 years and he said "You don't want to know" and left it at that. I guess that these are too far back to claim..? I switched banks when it dawned upon me what I had been duped into.


I was in full time employment with 13 weeks full sick pay up until August 2005. I then went self employed. My wife was made redundant whilst pregnant (due to company pulling out of the UK) nearly four years ago and we now have two children. My wife is unable to go back to work as the children are 2.5 years and 1 month. We are not claiming any benefits. I currently have a large credit card bill on 0% transfer until Oct next year and any money that I can claim back would be a big big help.


The data that I have been able to get from Experian are as follows


Egg loan started 2007 (self employed) settled Nov 2010 for 36x £320 - I don't think I took PPI out on this but couldn't be sure


Egg card started 2003 (full time employment) settled July 2009- possible PPI pre ticked online ?


MBNA card started Oct 2006 (self employed) - setteld 2008 - PPI?


Tesco credit card started 2009 to present - don't think it had PPI on it


Also had the Barclaycard at Uni and carried it on just after graduating. Had a couple of late payment fees applied plus a lot of interest down the years.


Hope someone can point me in the right direction. With the birth of our second child I have been considering going to a claims handling company to help give me advice and steer me in the right direction. However when I googled Egg card PPI success this forum came up and I thought I would see if I could get help from people who know what they are talking about.


Yours In Hope


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Hi Zoon


welcome aboard


the only way to find out


would be an SAR to each 'company'


plenty of additional info below too.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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First thing DO NOT USE A CLAIMS COMPANY. They can do nothing for you that you cannot do for yourself.


With loans/cards etc that were paid off more than six years ago, yu may have trouble getting any data as it may have been destroyed.


I would start your SAR requests with the more recent ones, like the Egg business you mention above.


You could then go on to doing SAR requests for the older ones to see what comes back (if anything).


The only way to see whether PPI was added to any loan account is get a copy of the agreement and for credit card accounts you will need statements of the account.


For any SAR, make sure there is a line in there to the effect that the SAR is to include copies of any and all agreements you have ever held.


When the information from a SAR comes back then you can prepare a spreadsheet to show what (if any) PPI may be due back to you. You would then complete a fos consumer questionnaire and send it to the lender with a copy of the spreadsheet and a brief covering letter.


You may find that, if you got behind on payment or were late making them, some of these accounts may have unlawful charges added to them which you can also claim back with interest.


SAR is the first step though.

If I have helped you please leave me a message by clicking my star


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