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    • Thanks dx, will do this tomorrow morning when I have access to a pc (find it easier and quicker than my mobile). Just having a good old read through similar threads atm. Wow some of this jargon is hard to take in 😳.  Thank you for your support x
    • please complete this:   and scan up bothsides of your NTK read upload carefully PDF only please!!   safe to ignore powerless DCA's they are not bailiffs  
    • yes ring the court and get it moved directions might stay the same though for fee/WS exchange mind.   dx   dx  
    • Driver entered car park run by CEL Ltd . Tried to purchase lozenges  at Pharmacy , saw it was busy so left . Time there approximately 5 minutes . Left to go to pick up some goods a couple of miles away .   I have a copy of a collection of goods note with an approximate time on it   Stayed a while to chat with client On return journey stopped  to try again . Bought lozenges and left . There were no restrictions on returning    ANPR cameras registered first entry and last exit    Was sent photos showing vehicle with 2 blown up with the times on them   Company refuses to divulge landlord or show contract ....said it was data protection ! Photo of a sign blown up .....could be anywhere !   Been to site itself . No signs at entrance . When entering from main road nothing !   Where there is parking a few signs visible depending on parking space . Large sign on an external wall which can only be seen when walking out or entering from side road on the left .   After a number of letters  I received demands from ZZPS ....a “debt collector “. They gave up on that !   This incident took pace in February . Now a Letter Before Court requesting details of my salary and how I intend to pay the debt    The length of stay is 40 minutes . Tiny car park !   Do know why there are even limits . Length of stay maybe 15 minutes in total . It is madness   The pack of lozenges cost £185 !   Am 72 years old with multiple health problems ! Cannot let these cowboys win . Feel as though I am being intimida ted . Very stressful ! Any  advice please ? I have drafted  together bits from all over the place ! Need it to stop ASAP !
    • Hi    This is my draft WS, please do let me know of nay changes or additions required, thanks.    IN THE County Court AT                                                                              CLAIM NO:      BETWEEN: CABOT FINANCIAL (UK) LIMITED   -and- (DEFENDANT)     ___________________________________________ WITNESS STATEMENT OF        INTRODUCTION    1. I, XXXX, the Defendant in this case, make this statement in support of my defence against the Claimant, Cabot Financial (UK) Limited.  The matters set out below are within my own knowledge, except where I indicate to the contrary.    THE DEFENDANT’S RESPONSE TO THE CLAIMANT’S WITNESS STATEMENT    2. The Claimant states in Paragraph 3, ‘….refer to various documents, true copiesof which are contained in the paginated bundle to this statement marked “JK”1’, but then states in para 4, ‘Acopy of the reconstituted agreementwith associated terms and conditions….pages 1-10’. There are 3 versions attached of the alleged Agreement and Terms & Conditions and according to para 4 they are not the original but ‘a reconstitutedversion’. They have attached 3 Agreements namely, ‘Original Agreement’, ‘Default Agreement’ and ‘Terms of your Capital One Credit Card Agreement’.  The Claimant has provided 3 sets of generic/reconstituted Agreement and Terms & conditions.     3. The Claimant in Para 4 also states ‘On or around 5thNovember 2012 the Defendant entered into a Credit Card Agreement,’ but Page 2 of JK1 has a date inserted 2/11/2012.  It has my name, address and a date inserted in the form but no mention of how the agreement was made, online, post or telephone, and furthermore not mentioned in the Claimant’s Witness Statement.     4. As a rule of thumb I always ensure that no 3rdparty is to contact me or to send me marketing information via telephone, post or electronically’, but Page 2 of JK1 has an unticked box, another indication that this is not an original agreement.    5. Page 5 of JK1 has too many typo mistakes in the heading as follows: TERMSOF YOUR CAPITALONE CREDITCARD AGREEMENT, furthermore there are no ‘full stop’ punctuations at the end of each sentence, this surely cannot be a document sent out by Capital One.     6. The Claimant states in Para 9 that my defence is a ‘templated defence’, requesting documents pursuant of CPR 31.14 and Section 78 of the Credit Card Act 1974, this is a defendant’s right for request of information but the Claimant has failed to provide the true original Credit Card Agreement and Terms & Conditions.   7. The Claimant states in Para 25 that, ‘the Claimant allowed the proceedings to be stayed in order to allow the parties to attempt settlement negotiations…..’ this is not correct as the Claim was stayed due to the Claimant not being able to provide the requested documents pursuant of my CPR 31.14 and Section 78 of the Credit Card Act 1974.   8. Para 30 and 31of the Witness Statement requests to restore the proceedings, to strike out the Defence, has requested for a Summary Judgement, together with costs to be assessed summarily by the court. I, the Defendant, strongly object to the Claimant’s Witness Statement requesting to lift the stay and enter Judgement. I believe therefore, that this should be denied and I respectfully ask for you to strike out the claim. My reasons for this have been outlined in points 1 to 7.    9. By the reason of the facts and matters set out above, it is denied that the Claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief and invite the Court to strike out the claim.   I believe that the facts stated in this Witness Statement are true.    Signed:  Dated:
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Is the minimum wage too low?

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do we need to raise the minimum wage to match inflation? do we need the introduction of a living wage? opinions welcome :)

A 'living wage' is the term used to describe how much someone needs to earn per hour to afford the basic essentials in life, not luxuries, essentials. The campaign for a living wage is growing in strength with

Labour now throwing its support behind the idea and London mayor Boris Johnson saying it has his wholehearted support.

The recommended living wage was recently set at £8.55 an hour in London and £7.45 an hour for

the rest of the UK. The minimum wage is £6.19. Please sign the petition in favour of raising the national minimum wage to match the living wage needed for people to be able to support themselves.


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Personal opinion - NO.


This isn't the government giving it away, it is the employer who pay the wages, many of whom can't afford to up the pay of their employees. If someone thinks their wage is too low, there is nothing to stop them going to the boss and negotiating a pay rise for themselves, but to force an increase, not just could, but would make a lot of companies who are just hanging in there become insolvent. They will either sack workers or shut down.


If a company isn't giving, as you say, a 'living wage' it's your decision whether you work for them or not.


Next, what is this so called living wage? does it include a subscription to Sky or Virgin, beer, cigarettes a car? none of these things are essentials yet the world seems to think they have a right to them, usually ahead of other things.


Why is London a special case? It cost no more to produce a loaf of bread in London that it does anywehre else in the country, so why should they have a higher wage than other places. Nursing is a good example, it cost no more to bandage a broken leg in London than it does in Penzance yet the pay difference is enormous.


This country has priced itstelf into poverty, why do you think Dyson (and a million others) shut his factory here and moved to China, because the wages in the UK are too high meaning the product on the shelf is it too expensive and no one is buying it, you must be competitive to survive.


So in my opinion, cut your cloth according to your means and put your words somewhere where it will make a difference. Plymouth City Council give £100,000 per year to Unions, i don't remember giving my permission to do this or being asked if I wanted to contribute to Unions.

I assume other councils do the same. Stop this, (and other), giveaways of your pay so the CT could be reduced.

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The problem is that the higher the wages, the higher the cost of buying the product. People stop buying the product as it is cheaper to buy the Chinese version. Company then goes bankrupt and many people end up unemployed.

In the service industry, instead of 5 people doing the job they trim it down to 3 people or the company/restaurant goes bankrupt and every one loses their job. More people unemployed.

A minimum wage has it merits, but you need to draw a line somewhere.

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