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Eviction order received for 21st November

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We have received an eviction notice from NRAM, arrears stood at £3200 but I have made a payment on Friday and reduced them to £2,700.


When we received the eviction notice, we rang NRAM, who have made us jump through hoops by sending payslips, bank statements etc. Our monthly payment is £1100 and we have offered to repay arrears with an extra £260 every 4 weeks (I get paid 4 weekly).


They have now accepted that they have all the info they need and have agreed the plan, providing we reduce our arrears to two months worth of arrears (A payment of £600), which we can just scrape to. This offer was in a telephone call.


My question is this:

If we pay the £600 will they actually stop the eviction? As there is nothing in writing, I am concerned that they may play silly buggers and take the cash and then proceed with eviction.


Or should I submit an N244 together with I&E sheet, statement of why we have arrears (I was dealing with my father who has terminal cancer and I witnessed a suicide so had mild depression and things just got on top of me).


Any help would be much appreciated. And yes I know I am a fool to get into this situation :(

Thank you ina dvance

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Hi, I would not trust NRAM as far as I could throw them. You need everything in writing call them today repeat the arrangement they agreed to (with the payment of £600) and get them to put in writing. This is the game they play all the time but it does catch up with them and backfire. (Please see my post of the last few weeks). Judges do not want repossess homes where payments can be made and at this moment in time, Judges are not sympathetic to NRAM. Good luck.

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Just to update you all.


On Monday 12th rang them and paid the £600 and they said they would stop eviction, on 13th we received letter from their solicitors confirming this and today we received a letter from NRAM confirming our repayment plan.




To everyone else going through this awful process you have my best wishes, it has been a totally terrible, scary time but if you try and if you take the good advice offered on here then you will come though the other side.


Good luck everyone

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