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Garage Mess

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Hi All


I have had a right saga with a garage and wondered if anyone can help as to what recourse i can take.


A few weeks ago the emmisions light came on in my car and I took it to a garage near my work and it was diagnosed with faulty Lamda sensors, which were replaced. Since then the car has been back at the garage 3 times as the emissions light didn't stay off for any period of time.


Secondly the garage fitted new brake discs, brake pads and tightened up my hand brake cable last week after i took it in for a brake inspection, they also reset my emissions light at the same time as the fault had appeared again.


That night driving home when I went to brake the car juddered quite badly and i ended up right across the road.


The next day I took the car to a local garage and it transpired my brakes had binded and there was a 32% imbalance. They also diagnosed a faulty Mass Air Flow sensor, the reason why my emissions light was constantly appearing.


I did take it to another garage for a second opinion and the garage gave me almost the same opinion. the brake discs had not been prepared or lubricated prior to fitting and the brake pads had been so tightly fitted into the cradle there was no movement causing them to bind. There was a 32% imbalance recorded, In addition my hand brake had been wrenched so tight that it was recorded as 10% efficiency and consequently binded.


Again diagnostics picked up a fault with the Mass Air Flow sensor, which was replaced and appears to have corrected the problem with the rich fuel going to my car and the emissions ...the garage doubts there was anything wrong with my Lamda sensors in the first place!


I paid this garage to correct my brakes, it was them that stripped them down and refitted them as the original garage was over 20 miles away and I wasn't confident in their ability to rectify or keen on driving the car that distance with faulty brakes.


Can anyone advise what recourse i have please?


Thanks in advance.


Little Miss

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Unfortunately, whether due to staff shortage, over confidence in their ability or they can't afford the insurance, a lot of garages don't take the car for a test drive on completion of their work.


I'm not sure what you mean by 'lubrication' of the discs, more like de-lubrication as they have a preservative coating on them.


Pads binding is again a sign that time hasn't been taken to either clean out the slots in the caliper or remove any paint from the pin slots on the pad, if that is how they are held. It's an epoxy paint so very hard and rarely causes a problem, but can. Either way, as you say they were refitted, it says that it was the lack of thoroughness that was the cause and not the parts. It's also the sort of job that is given to a trainee but should be checked afterwards.


As for the Lambda sensors, they are the weakest point in the emission system and probably the cheapest and easiest part to fit, (unless they have seized). But there again, it points to either inexperience or rushing the job and 'not' taking it for a test drive after completion. It could also be a lack of proper equipment to read the fault code so gave the wrong information.


So what recourse can you expect in way of compensation? Not a lot would be my answer to that. Your best bet, if you haven't already contacted him, would be to pop in with the bills and ask him what his intentions are. If it's cash you want, then you will probably get nowhere, but if you suggest he give you a free service as recompense, then you are more likely to get that and it would be of higher value to you.


And under the circumstances, I would think the attention to detail would be a lot higher than normal as he wouldn't wan't you giving him a bad name by telling your friends.

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