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DLA Appeal won - how long ?

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This probably gets asked a lot but I wondered if anyone could tell me how long we are likely too be waiting. I phoned them this morning and was told that they had already received the tribunal decision and that a decision maker needed to look at it and they would send out a form.


I dont understand what the point is going through the stress of a tribunal is for if they are going to look at it again ? :|

How long is it likely to take ? With 4 children and christmas just over 6 weeks away I really could do with the money right now.

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Someone looks at it before it goes to tribunal. You may be lucky enough that someone looks at the decision and decides that you're entitled to DLA and it won't go to tribunal.


Waiting varies by area - for some, it's almost a year.

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I think looking at this, the OP has already been to tribunal and :whoo:won:whoo:


They will look at it to decide whether they are going to challenge the tribunals decision, which they can only do if a mistake has been made on a point of law, which is very unlikely. It is more just a case of the decision maker inputing the details and authorising all your back money:lol:.

Before that happens though they will "decision make" a decision to send you a form to fill in.


This form will ask you if you have been in hospital for more than 2 weeks since you applied for DLA, which I guess is many months ago now. They will alk for the dates and then they can decide whether they can claw any money back from you.


It will also ask you to supply your up to date bank details to them so they can graciously decide to pay you what you are owed. Most peoples haven't changed but I suppose they have to ask.


Once you send the form back they will likely sit on it for a while before actioning it. After all you have to remember the pain the decision maker has to go through, in pressing a few buttons to authorise payment.:violin:


My advice to you, having been through this process twice. Ring up the helpline and ask to be put through to the section, they will say they can't, they can. They don't want to but they can, say you are on your uppers and you have unpaid bills etc. they can go through the form on the phone, take the details from you and authorise payment in a matter of minutes.


Last time, the helpline told me there was a backlog of 6 weeks, I advised them that I used to work for them (which I did) and I knew exactly what was invlved and how long it took to action. I told them I had baillifs knocking at the door etc etc, insisted on being put through, eventually they did I spoke to a DM and it was done in 2 minutes. Three days later £2.5k landed in my bank:whoo:


They can do it. They will try not to and use every excuse to not put you through but they can. Make a nuisance of yourself, you have waited long enough for your money as it is, they should get there fingers out and pay people what they are owed. In my opinion it should be done on the day of the tribunal.


Rant over, ring them on Monday and unleash your fury on them:madgrin:


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