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DVLA revoked licence by mistake

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I would like to share my frustrating story..


In November 2011 I've received a letter from the DVLA saying that my licence has been revoked and it no longer covers me to drive. I rang up DVLA immediately and after long conversation I was told that there are 6 points on my licence with driving with no insurance somewhere in London. After couple of weeks I received another letter from the Magistrates court (North West London) saying that I didn't show up to the court,however, they didn't notify me at all. In the meantime I spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out, because I am living in Manchester and I've never been driving in London. In this letter (from the court) I've noticed that my name is spelled wrong (only the first letter of my first name matches, but the surname and DOB is correct). I'll give you an example: imagine that my name John Smith, but they sent it to Jago Smith, but the driving number (which is on licence) is mine. After this I came up with decision that some guy Jago was convicted in London and he didn't provide his driving licence and policeman recorded it like J SMITH and system found me instead of him. I spent another weeks trying to sort this out, I sent all the paperwork to the DVLA, Magistrates Court and I went to the local DVLA department to have a word with them, but with no success.


The next step was getting solicitor involved. This guy was very helpful.. he did his best to solve the problem. He managed to reopen this case and after 2 months we went to the same Magistrates Court in London. I had with me all evidences to prove that it wasn't me driving in London with no insurance. I provided all insurance policies I had since 2010-2012, letter from the work that I was working in this day in Manchester, bank statements in which is clearly seen that I was doing shopping in Manchester and physically I couldn't be in London. Before we went to the court my solicitor managed to get a fax copy from the London Metropolitan Police with an actual report/protocol made by policeman. In this report was written name Jago Smith, driving white Iveco van. We though that it will help us a lot, because I am not a Jago and because of someone's terrible mistake I was disqualified. The court was USELESS, my case was 50 minutes long with 3 breaks. The court agreed that there is something wrong and was very sorry about me, but they need a Jago not me and I have to contact DVLA again. You can't imaging how upset I was in that day.. we went back to the Manchester and next day my solicitor spoke with some big boss in DVLA directly, explained everything and points were removed from my licence next day. All this process was from mid November - mid August.


Guess now what' the reason why I have posted all this rubbish? I received a letter from the DVLA this morning ON MY NAME, WITH MY DRIVERS NUMBER, WITH MY DOB, WITH MY ADDRESS and saying that I WAS CONVICTED on 24th Sep in North West London. Sadly, my solicitor is no longer in this country and I have to start all this from the beginning. I rang up DVLA straight away, explaining all the situation, but they don't want to listen to me, they just kick me to contact Magistrates Court and when I ring to Magistrates Court they told me to contact DVLA.


Can you please give me any sort of feedback? I am starting to think about claiming compensation, because I couldn't drive for the 5 months and it ruined my holiday and now I am in exactly the same situation. Is it reasonable to even think about compensation? The last case shocked all my family and we had a really stressful period of time, I don't know if I will tell my family that this happened again.


Thanks for your time.


Best Regards,


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