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    • We have spoken to DVLA and been told to write a letter with the details. Even though there is no address available it will be on record that she is no longer the keeper and that will be backdated to the time of sale.   I'm sorry I haven't addressed your questions. It's a Mini 07 registration 70,000 miles, service history, well maintained, bodywork perfect, 2 former owners MOT  December and recently serviced. Price £1900. As far as we are aware there were no other issues apart from the small oil leak - they are claiming there is oil all over their drive but there has never been any oil on our drive. (My daughter did suggest that they might not have screwed the oil cap on properly). In fact a local garage looked at it the day before the sale and their description of the leak was 'slightly damp'. It was advertised on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. The advertised price was £2250. There was no smell of burning oil when they test drove, nor had there been any such smell or fumes.
    • To answer the question, no, unless they do it illegally. 
    • the differences between brexiter bull-fantasy and Remain Reality begins to bite   add in: Just a year ago she was saying in the express that Brexit would stop the EU 'stealing' our stocks 'on OUR terms', without mentioning:   * the vast majority of our catches are sold to the EU (which she should know as a fish auctioneer profiting from others work) * the effects tariffs would have * The vast majority of the fish we eat is imported * The United Nations stocks agreement * The migratory nature of the fish (sic) * Irish and Scot fishing/territorial waters if they become independent   and of course she's out of one of her income streams LOL .. but I assume her fish auction company can still auction UK catches to the EU without change ... for now   You can understand how terms like 'mummery' came into use can't you?
    • Thank you for your responses. In terms of the vehicle, it is a 2010 volkswagen crafter which I purchased for £2500. It has 160,000 miles on the clock. But for its last MOT had 260,000 miles on the clock.  The reason I didnt check these bits and Bob's is due to the fact I have only bought new previous to this and being young I guess I was naive and trusting to a certain extent or should we say inexperienced in used vehicles.   He has several Van's listed and several more at his address also. I have his address yes, I'm unsure on ownership of said property.   I have pictures of all conversations between ourselves, I also now have written confirmation from a garage in regards to the forged service history I am awaiting a call off 2 others as I type this. I am now losing an extreme amount of money per day due to not being able to work or get the money back and this is seriously affecting my health already.   Apologies if i have missed anything out there I've tried to answer as best I can.
    • Have you been in contact with the Council's Housing and Homeless Team? Also have you had a proper benefit assessment.
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HI All


took out one of those at home training courses in 2006 but never got the support that was agreed in the paperwork, i constantly emailed for support but all i ever got back was replys stating change of tutor(kept emails). so i refused to pay anymore due to this as i could not complete the course without support. last payment was in 2007 i think .


i was contacted in 2010 by apex claiming i needed to pay £1100 to which i replied that the account was in dispute due to the company breaking the terms and conditions of the agreement, i explained why and forwarded all the email correspondence to apex, apex had already put a default on my account to which i asked to be removed as they had no right to, they removed this and have asked for no money since but send me a letter every three months or so with whats oweing but not asking for payment, i checked my credit report today and they have put the default back on but says last updated 07/2010


any ideas on how to proceed as they are not asking for money but how did they put the default back on, it wasnt there 2 months ago. when they removed the default they also removed anything to do with apex, i cannot remember who i originally took the course out with it think it was acpd or similar.



i have been working hard the last few years to keep my credit report clear and have done so until they put this back on


any help or advise appreciated


kind regards



The Second statement is false, The first statement is true

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sorry it was homelearningcollege

The Second statement is false, The first statement is true

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