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Questions following successful reconcideration of ESA?

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I was recently placed back into the Support Group following my ESA being reassesed, at this reassesment I was awarded zero points by ATOS but was placed back into the Support Group on reconsideration by the DWP decision maker. I now have a letter seeming to confirm that but I have a few questions:


There isn't any indication of how long I will be in the SG for on this letter, normally I believe this is indicated on the report by the ATOS HCP however in my current case there won't be any indication mention of when this would be as I was found fit for work by them. In this case does anyone know if the decision maker will have indicated a time frame? It would be good to know what to expect but I am wary of calling up and rocking the boat in case they change their minds again. Is it likely that I should prepare for being reassessed sooner rather than later? All I was told on the phone when I got their decision in my favor was that it wouldn't be forever!



The letter is a little odd as it says I will be paid ESA from a date which coincides with my when my initial payments of ESA started about 7 months ago rather than from now, do continuing claims in the same financial year just run on like one claim?


Also on the letter although it details in the breakdon of the money I am getting that I am in the SG it doesn't as my last letter did state that I "meet the criteria" for the support group. I take it this is because I actually failed the WCA?



Finally as I believe there were serious discrepancies in my wca report I would like to request a copy of my ESA85 but am again worried that doing so will somehow go against me, would this be the case or is it safe to go ahead and order a copy?



Thank you for your advice on these issues!

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:big issue:


There's no circumstances that I know of whereby a request for a copy ESA85 triggers review of an employment n support award. A copy ESA85 is available on request, without giving a reason, from your local benefit delivery centre.


An award of employment n support runs from the first day of the claim until such time as the claimant becomes ineligible for the benefit. In your circumstances the same claim has been closed (following the disallowance) and re-opened (following reconsideration).


Fraid I don't know whether decision makers suggest reassessment dates but I don't think it matters cos Jobcentreplus can reassess at any time they choose to do so. For various reasons, recommendations about reassessment, from Atos or from a tribunal panel, are often disregarded.


Regards, Margaret.

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Thank you Margaret I will request a copy of my lastest ESA85 at some point this week when feel up to the call!


I think I am beginning to see that there can be no real certainty about reassesment dates. I read this afternoon about one claiment who was moved from wrag to support group after a reconsideration and was sent a fresh ESA50 6 weeks later. I myself was previously recommended by ATOS to stay on ESA for 6 months before being reassesed and was then send a new form just two months after my support group payments started.


The continual assesment and harrassment of claiments isn't helpful especially considering one has to wait many months to see a consultant, for tests or for the benefit of various drugs / treatments to become apparent and I wish the dwp would take this into account. Reassessing people too frequently is clearly counter productive.


Anyway in my case I will need to wait and see hopefully they will leave me alone for a few months until after my next consultant appointment at least.


Thank you again.

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