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Hi guys not sure exactly where to start.


Me and my partner split up a few month ago and with 3 children I struggled to pay the bills,


perfect homes was not top of my priority but I did try and make payments.


I had a visit on Monday from a recovery manager ( I was not in but he left a card with a family member who was in).


I phoned him up on monday and said i would make the payment on tuesday.


I couldn't get in to pay it so I rang him up and told him I would make the payment today at 9.30am.

I did'nt but I had arranged a lift for 3.30pm to go in and pay it.


12 o'clock today i had a snotty text message from the bully (recovery manager) saying "when can I pick up our property?"


I phoned him up and explained that I am coming through at 3.30pm.


He was extremly nasty and very intimadating on the phone, saying things like "you have till 3.45 or i am coming to remove good"

and When somebody makes a promise to me they keep it.


Came off the phone in tears he was so intimadating I felt really bullied.


I have made a £50 payment as the store agreed and I still owe another £50


i am terrified that this man will visit my home.


Is there anything i can do?


I am now 2 weeks in arrears



Thank you



I am not trying to get out of paying I want nothing more than to catch up and get back on track but think i'm going to struggle to find the other £50 before friday which means he will come to my door. My normal weekly payment is £24

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Keep the text massages you have a proof for a complaint to the company


how much have you paid off the balance


if he does come to your property you can simply ignore him or tell him to do one and close the door if he refuses to leave you can call the police (101)


he can only come in if you invite him in do not

if they phone you can simply say in writing and hang up

If i have helped in any way hit my star.

any advice given is based on experience and learnt from this site :-)

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hi cheekymonkey,

if you check your t&c s they cant enter your home or take the goods without a court order.

i would get in contact with trading standards if i were you perfect homes are likely to think twice and back the hell off.

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hi perfect home are nothing but bullys if you owe them money, i am in the same situation as you at the moment with them, but just remember they cant enter your home without your permission or without a court order which if they tried to get one (court order) the court would not grant them one and they know that!.

if the problems with them persist first of all call the police if they turn up at your home and the police will make them leave, then contact trading standards.


hope this helps!

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The debt forum on here is excellent for general debt advice - you should have a look over there at some examples.


For starters you should really write to the store informing them that all communication shouldbe in writing and that you revoke common law for them to visit your property.


Get over there and have a look.



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