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    • If it came from northampton yes.....and yes a copy to the claimants solicitor..do 3 copies ...Court solicitor and your file.   You dont pay the hearing fee yet you will be advised of a date after you submit the DQ.   Your Local Court because you are the litigant in the claim against a company.   Andy
    • Thanks HB, much appreciated. Although not prison is a criminal record likely or is it typically a fine?    Yes, first offence.    Does the process take long, just wondering I long I can expect this to hang over me. 
    • So we see the two large and swift Sea level rises  with the earlier one bang on the nose datewise   We see the layout of the world around the straights and Azores circa 10,000 bce   So what else are we looking for   A 'nesos' larger than Libya and Asia   Large fertile plain with a small 'mountain' "Bordering on the sea and extending through the center of the whole island there was a plain, which is said to have been the fairest of all plains and highly fertile; and, moreover, near the plain, over against its center, at a distance of about 50 stades, there stood a mountain that was low on all sides " " all those sweet-scented stuffs which the earth produces now, whether made of roots or herbs or trees, or of liquid gums derived from flowers or fruits. The cultivated fruit [i.e., of the vine] also, and the dry [i.e., corn], which serves us for nutriment, and all the other kinds that we use for our meals--the various species of which are comprehended under the name ‘vegetables’--and all the produce of trees"   Elephants/mammoths - Lots of animals (migration path) " n abundance all the timbers that a forest provides for the labors of carpenters; and of animals it produced a sufficiency, both of tame and wild. Moreover, it contained a very large stock of elephants; for there was an ample food-supply not only for all the other animals which haunt the marshes and lakes and rivers, or the mountains or the plains, but likewise also for this animal, which of its nature is the largest and most voracious. "         Atlas' siblings realm was Facing  Cadiz 'toward' the straights " when he had divided all the island of Atlantis into ten portions, he assigned to the first-born of the eldest sons his mother's dwelling and the allotment surrounding it, which was the largest and best; and him he appointed to be king over the rest, and the others to be rulers, granting to each the rule over many men and a large tract of country. And to all of them he gave names, giving to him that was eldest and king the name after which the whole island was called and the sea spoken of as the Atlantic, because the first king who then reigned had the name of Atlas. And the name of his younger twin-brother, who had for his portion the extremity of the island near the pillars of Herakles up to the part of the country now called Gadeira after the name of that region "     Copper and gold mines the island itself furnished most of the requirements of daily life,--metals, to begin with, both the hard kind and the fusible kind, which are extracted by mining, and also that kind which is now known only by name but was more than a name then, there being mines of it in many places of the island,--I mean orikhalkon (mountain-copper)     autokhthones -       * So its not likely to be a purely coastal area such as the sunken lands off Cadiz are likely to have been   * Its away from the straights past the Gaderius realm   * It has a large plain which seems to be on a migratory path including elephants/mammoths (viable until ... circa 11,000bce)   * It has extensive woods/forests   * It has mines for copper and gold at least          
    • This is a very common situation I'm afraid and the reason why a visit would need to be made (before a payment proposal could be accepted) is outlined under Item 7.3 of the Explanatory Memorandum supporting the Taking Control of Goods Fees Regulations 2014 which states as follows:     http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014/1/pdfs/uksiem_20140001_en.pdf      
    • and what reason should i give for choosing my local county court in question D1?
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Signing off for temp work

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I have been offered some temporary contract work which will last about two months starting November.


I have been claiming JSA, HB and CTB for about 18 months.


£1250 will be paid at the back end of November (about a month into the contract) and the remainder of £1500 will be paid at the end of December.


What payments will I be entitled to during this period? I will probably be signed off for a month before my first payment (so no income).


Would I be entitled to any working tax credits (I am single, no children)?


I will be self employed, will I have to pay tax/NI on these two payments (my earnings for the tax year with benefits will be low)?


If after those 2 months I am still unemployed can I do a rapid resign? Would it also be rapid for the HB?


Thanks in advance.

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If you are going to be self-employed you will need to register as such - contact HMRC. However, it is often the case that people are told they will be self-employed, when they are in fact employees, so do check with HMRC and the employer what exactly your status will be (they can't pretend one or the other, there are rules that apply).


If you are self-employed, and registered as such, you will do a self-assessed tax return, and may be entitled to tax credits. You will need to contact the tax credits office for assistance with claiming if you are entitled.


If you have been unemployed for six months or more, you may be entitled to an additional payment from the benefits agency for getting back into work. You may also be entitled to some housing benefit, since this is paid in arrears. You will need to contact the benefits agency and the housing benefit office.

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